November 5, 1943

Sea. 1/C Joseph Magro, son of Mr. And Mrs. Peter Magro, Grand Gorge, is on convoy duty in the Pacific. Joining the Navy April 6, 1942, he received basic training at Sampson Station and amphibious training at Washington, D.C.
November 11, 1943

The heroic fight of the old destroyer USS Borie against a wolf pack of German submarines in the Atlantic and the fine cooperation it received from a “baby flat top” the USS Card, was witnessed by at least one Oneonta sailor. Sea. 2/C Andrew Angelotti was a member of the crew of the carrier which aided the destroyer in sinking several submarines.

Angelotti, son of Mr. And Mrs. Angelotti, 11 Fair, entered service April 1, taking basic training at Sampson. He has been on two convoys and is now in this country for a brief stay. The young sailor, Wednesday night, telephoned his family to watch the papers as a startling sea fight in which he took part was to be told in the papers. Mr. And Mrs. Angelotti have two other sons in service, Anthony, with an Army unit in Sicily and William with the Army in the Solomons.

Reports of the fight told how the destroyer and the carrier cooperated in the destruction of a giant German sub which resulted in the loss of the Borie. The old four-stacker was so badly crippled that it had to be sunk by planes from the Card. Twenty-seven members of the destroyer lost their lives. The ships received a Presidential Unit Citation.

Crewmen of the Nazi sub, caught by Lt. G. G. Hogan’s plane from the Card, abandoned their posts to don life belts and get life rafts overboard. They gave up without firing a defensive shot. The sub was one of the toll of German underwater craft taken by the Card’s planes and three destroyers working as a team.

Pvt. Anthony (Tony) C. Drago, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drago, 53 Dietz, has been transferred from Ft. McClellan, Ala., to Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala., for Engineer training. He graduated from OHS, where he was a basketball star, and for two years he attended Bates College, Lewiston, Me.,
taking a pre-dental course. At Bates he played Varsity basketball and was a member of the Chase Hall Committee, Student Council, and Varsity Club.