Babbitt Donald L. 11-03  
Babbitt Douglas 07-24 Brother of Marshall Babbitt
Babbitt Marshall 07-24 Brother of Douglas Babbitt.
Babinec John 01-06  
Babinec John 11-15 Promoted to corporal.
Badeau Gordon 01-22  
Bailey Laverne 11-29 Ready for basic training at  a Naval station.
Baird Edward J. 05-05 promoted
Baird Edward J. 06-01  
Baird Eli Hugh Jr. 09-21 Classified for induction.
Baker Jesse G. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Baker Jesse G. Jr. 12-28 Called for induction.
Baker John 06-04  
Baker Raymond C. 09-02 Promoted.
Bald Pasquo 01-27 stationed in N Africa
Baldo Anthony 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Baldo Patsy 02-05  
Baldwin Cutler H. 07-03 Commissioned and received silver piolots wings.
Ballard Russell 03-30 promoted
Banais Stephen 08-29 Volunteered for service with the Seabees.
Banais Stephen 10-24 Reporting for duty at the Navy recruiting station.
Bancroft George E. 01-13  
Bankson Thomas E. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Bankston Thomas E. Jr. 12-28  
Banner Carl 05-08 Promoted
Banner Carl 06-16 Promoted
Banner Lester W. 03-27  
Baran Walter E. 01-27 died in army bomber crash
Baran Walter F. 11-05 Killed in a plane crash in Ohio.
Barber Alan E. 04-19 Advancement in the Merchant Marines.
Barber Earl 02-12  
Barbin Donald 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Barbin Donald R. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Barker William 08-17  
Barker William George 07-30 Army reservist.
Barlow William R. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Barlow William R. 12-28  
Barnard Frederick L . 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Barnes Donald 02-23 Brother of Robert Barnes.
Barnes Donald 06-03 Marries Julia Adelaide MacPherson
Barnes Harry D. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Barnes Robert 02-23 Brother of Donald Barnes.
Barnes Stanley 02-23  
Barran Walter 09-16 "American Heroes Day"
Barry Fred 05-29 Brother of George Barry.
Barry George 05-29 Brother of Fred Barry.
Bartholomew Charles Dickson 03-26 commissioned
Barton Harry 05-04 promoted
Barton Harry 05-14  
Barton Harry E. 01-13  
Barton Lewelyn 02-03  
Battleship USS South Dakota 10-03 Under command of Capt. Thomas Gatch promoted to Judge Advocate General of the Navy.
Baxter Leonard 08-26 Missing in action following a daylight raid over Hamburg July 25..
Beach Clifford A. 03-15 Brother of Lawrence Beach who drowned in Guatemala.
Beach Lawrence W. 03-15 Drowned. Brother of Clifford Beach
Beach Lawrence W. 03-17 Drowned in Guatemala/
Beach Robert O. 01-09  
Beach Robert O. 03-07 Married to Miss E. Jeanette Dunbar.
Beams George W. Jr. 09-25  
Beams George Willard Jr. 09-21 Classified for induction.
Beams Gordon 02-13 promoted
Beard Frank 08-17  
Beard Frank M. 07-30 Army reservist.
Beauchamp Charles L. 08-26  
Becker Clarence S. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Beckwith John 08-17  
Beckwith John P. 07-30 Army reservist.
Belmont John C. 01-08 3 brothers
Belmont John C. 05-01  
Belmont Lawrence P. 01-08 3 brothers
Belmont Samuel Jr. 01-08  
Benedict Charles 03-16 sinking of the Chicago.
Benedict Clayton J. 10-24  
Benjamin Leonard C. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Bennett Alfred E. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Bennett Alfred E. 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Bennett Charles 04-10 wounded
Bennett Frederick 05-08  
Bennett Frederick 06-10  
Bennett Winifred W. 03-12 promoted
Berryann Durwood 02-19  
Bertch Donald 03-13 Brother of Edwin Bertch
Bertch Edwin 03-13 Brother of Donald Burtch Sampson
Bertuzzi Samuel 03-62 wounded in action
Bertuzzi Samuel 09-25 Wounded in action in the Southwest Pacific Sept 14.
Bertuzzi Samuel 12-31 Wounded in the Solomons.
Bidwell Norbert 01-06  
Bienis Ralph W. 02-19  
Bierck W. Hubert 05-15 Army chaplain corps.
Bingham Andrew R. 04-26  
Birdsall Charles 03-29 Brother of Donald and John
Birdsall Charles 08-23 Brother of Donald and John Birdsall.
Birdsall Charles 09-11 Brother of John and Donald Birdsall.
Birdsall Donald 08-23 Received wings, sergeant's stripes and a medal for sharp shooting. Brother of Charles and John Birdsall.
Birdsall Donald 09-11 Brother of John and Charles Birdsall.
Birdsall Donald V. 03-29 Brother of Charles and John.
Birdsall John 03-29 Brother of Donald and Charles
Birdsall John 06-01  
Birdsall John 09-11 Brother of Charles and Donald Birdsall.
Birdsall Reed 01-12  
Blake Herbert 01-06  
Blake Herbert L. 11-27 Brother of Perry E. Blake.
Blake Perry E. 09-25  
Blake Perry E. 11-27 Sampson Brother of Herbert L. Blake.
Blake Perry Everett 09-21 Classified for induction.
Blanchard Doris 08-17 WAVES
Blanchard George E. 08-05  
Blanchard Ralph L. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Blann Melvin R. 07-31 Sent a relic to his wife , a distributor-timer of the ignition system of a Japanese navy plane that was shot down in the Russell Islands.
Blasetti Carmen J. 10-11 Leaving for military service.
Blasetti Carmen Joseph 09-21 Classified for induction.
Blasetti Fred 08-20 Meets fellow Oneontans.
Blazick Charles J. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Blazo Arnold S. 11-29 Meets James W Imhoff at a base in the South Pacific.
Blenis Martin 04-20  
Blenis Martin 09-17  
Blenis Martin 11-06  
Blenis Ralph 03-18  
Blenis Ralph 12-31  
Bliss Carl F. 03-11  
Bliss Donald E.. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Bliss Elmer J. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Bliss V. Howard 08-21 Awarded an air medal for distinguished service and bravery in action.
Bockes Samuel C. 09-25 Inducted.
Bolton Danforth D. 09-23 Promoted to Major.
Bolton Robert 06-04  
Boning Alvin 12-22 Stationed ah Hickam field when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.
Bonner Katherine J. 02-05 WAAC
Booan Stephen "Bushy" 10-13 Missing in action in North Africa.
Booan Stephen "Bushy" 12-08 German prisoner of war.
Bookhout John A. 07-31  
Bookhout Robert M. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Boone Harry D. 02-26  
Bordinger Frank 11-13  
Boryer W. Clyde 05-12 Went to Africa as the employee of the construction firm of Johnson, Drake and Piper, working under the supervision of the Army engineers.
Bouton Frank W, 11-05  
Bouton Harry D. 09-29  
Bouton Raymond L. 03-26  
Bowes William 02-11 Sampson
Bowes William M. 05-04 Sampson
Bowmaker Norman J. 07-19  
Bramsen Paul 12-10 Reservist goes into Army service.
Bramsen Paul F. 11-29 Inducted by the Army.
Brand Edward A. Dr. 03-27  
Brandow Floyd Elmer 09-21 Classified for induction.
Branner Lester W. 05-29  
Brechbuhl Rudolf 03-26  
Bresee Clyde F. 05-29  
Bresee Fred H. 05-29  
Bresee Philip W. 05-29  
Bresee Robert F. 05-29  in reserve
Bresee Thomas H. 01-18  
Bresee William E. 03-02  
Bresee Wilmer 09-05 Promoted
Bresee Wilmer E. 05-29  
Bresee Wilmer E. 12-13 Sees humor in first Army dayst
Bridger Albert 11-09 Brother of James and Marion Bridger.
Bridger Albert V. 01-18  
Bridger James 11-09 Brother of Albert and Marion Bridger.
Bridger James L. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Bridger James L. 09-22  
Bridger James L. 10-13 Leaving for military service.
Bridger Marion 11-09 Sister of Albert and James Bridger. Surgical nurse at Halloran hospital, Staten Island.
Brien John 04-24  
Brienza Louis 03-10  
Brienza Philip 09-21 Leave for camp induction.
Brienza Philip 09-21 Reservists leave for Army Camp.
Brienza Philip 09-25 Inducted.
Briggs Duncan 06-15  
Briggs Duncan 10-08  
Broadfoot Robert Cook 05-27 Marries Elizabeth MacDonald.
Brooks Everett D. 04-20 promoted Brother of Richard L. Brooks
Brooks Rexford C. 02-08  
Brooks Richard L . 04-20 Brother of Everett D. Brooks.
Brooks Robert 09-07  
Brooks Robert J. 09-25 Inducted.
Brown Daniel J. 03-20 promoted
Brown Donald 08-17  
Brown Donald Angus 07-30 Army reservist.
Brown Dwight 01-21  
Brown Milton H. 08-28  
Brown Richard 09-23 Missing in action in Europe.
Brown Richard C. 02-19 Awarded Flying Cross.
Brown Richard C. 03-29 Missing in action
Brown Richard C. 07-01 Missing in action over Europe.

Air medal, with 2 Oak Leaf clusters was awarded to his gather D. D. Brown.
Brown Richard c. 07-19 Missing in action over Germany..
Brown Richard C. 10-09 Missing in action.
Brown Wallace 10-16  
Brown William J. 08-30  
Brownell John F.H 06-01 Brother of Morton E and William Mills Brownell.
Brownell Kenneth 02-04  
Brownell Kenneth 05-23  
Brownell Morton E. 06-01 brother of John F. and William Mills Brownell.
Brownell William Mills 06-01 Brother of John F. and Morton Brownell
Bruce Genevieve 04-09 Brothers Gerald, John Francis and Joseph Bruce. Army nurse
Bruce Genevieve 08-20 Army nurse meets fellow Oneontans.
Bruce Gerald 04-09 Brother of Genevieve, John Francis and Joseph Bruce.
Bruce John Francis 04-09 Brother of Genevieve, Gerald and Joseph Bruce.
Bruce Joseph 04-09 Brother of Genevieve, Gerald and John Francis.
Brush Charles H. Jr. 02-15 Received Silver Star.
Buck Donald G. 11-15  
Buck Donald W. 03-24 brother of Frederick M. Buck.
Buck Frederick M. 03-24 Brother of Donald W. Buck
Buck Frederick Milton 07-06 Commissioned.
Buck George 08-17  
Buck George Albert 07-30 Army reservist.
Buerger Joseph 04-29  
Buerger Joseph F. 05-29  
Bull Stephen Dwight 04-17 Marries Mary Brucker.
Bump Richard H. 02-04  
Bunnell Paul 09-24 Promoted. Coast Guard.
Burberrry R. S. 02-15  
Burch Paul R. Jr. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Burdick Oren 02-20 Brother of Orlo Burdick.
Burdick Orlo 02-20 Brother of Oren Birdick.l
Burger George 06-04 Brother of John Burger.
Burger John 06-03 Brother of George Burger.
Burgher Melvin G. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Burgin Ruth M. 01-11  
Burns Edward G. 10-11 Leaving for military service.
Burns Edward Guy 09-21 Classified for induction.
Burrhus James C. 05-12  
Burrhus James C. Jr. 09-16 Commissioned
Burtch Donald 02-02  
Burton Alfred B. 12-28 Called for induction.
Bush George William 03-23  
Butler William B. 10-11 Leaving for military service.
Butler William Bernard 09-21 Classified for induction.