Cable Murray 08-26  
Calkins Kenneth 01-06  
Calkins Kenneth L. 10-11  
Cammer Jack 08-26  
Camp Marjorie B. 03-11 WAAC
Camp Marjorie B. 08-16 WAC, promoted to Sergeant.
Camp Richard M. 04-09  
Campbell George A. 12-28 Called for induction.
Canfield Kenneth 07-31 Sampson.
Canning Thomas R. 11-03 New selectee enrolls for draft.
Card Alton e. 02-27  
Card Gerald 01-09  
Carley William J. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Carlson Evans 06-05 Led a battalion of Marines out of the jungle on Guadalcanal.
Carlson Robert U. 04-15  
Carpenter Maurice 02-06  
Carpentier Joan 12-18 Women's Marine Corps Reserve.
Carpentier Joan Alice 11-19 Sworn into the women's reserve of the Marine corps.
Carr Malcolm 09-02 Marries Josephine Grillo of Milldale, Conn.
Carroll James 01-06  
Carson Kenneth S. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Carson Kenneth S. 12-28  
Carvin Harold S. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Carvin Royce C. 09-22  
Cary Millard 02-04  
Cass Robert R. 02-19  
Cassort A. T. ???? 07-15 Sampson Promoted.
Castle Randall 07-19  
Castle Randall 09-12 Reported missing in action Aug. 3 in Germany.
Castle Randall 10-30 German prisoner of war.
Castle Randall E. 10-24 Prisoner of war in Germany. Awarded Silver Star for gallantry.
Catella James T. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Caulkins Robert G. 11-05 Killed in action Oct 7 in Italy.
Cavan Stuart 03-24 commissioned
Cawley Herbert P. 03-27  
Cawley Herbert Peter 09-03 Marries Eleanor Virginia Cantwell.
Ceely William S. 10-08 Awarded the Air medal.
Centola Nicholas 08-17 Reservists leave for active service.
Cerra Patrick 08-25  
Chace Dueward 02-19  
Chamberlain A. G. 08-04  
Champlin Donald Keyser 03-27  
Champlin Mahlon N. 11-18  
Chandler George 03-04 Married to Miss Ola Pratt.
Chapman Ernest 07-20  
Chase Webster H. 12-14 Killed in action In the Southwest Pacific.
Chermack John A. 01-15 Missing in action
Chesney James 11-21 Brother of Melvin Chesney.

Chesney Melvin 11-21 Brother of James Chesney.
Chestney Bard 09-11  
Chestney James 09-11 Promoted. Brother of Melvin chestney Jr.
Chestney Melvin 02-27  
Chestney Melvin Jr. 09-11 Brother of James Chestney.
Chickerell Louis S 03-24  
Christensen Clarence O . 03-25 Brother of Gotfred D. Christensen.
Christensen Gotfred D. 03-25 Brother of Clarence O. Christensen Sampson
Christensen Morgan 09-21 Classified for induction.
Christian Clyde 08-19 Wounded.
Christiance DeForest 11-19  
Church Lloyd 05-20 Marries Julia Nader.
Church Robert 02-26\ promoted
Cillis Anthony 08-26  
Clapper Olin 12-28 Called for induction.
Clark Bruce H. 03-01  
Clark Donald B. 01-04  
Clark Frank E. 07-28  
Clark Franklin F. 11-21 Marries Janis Jansen in Leesburg, Fl.
Clark Harris G. Jr. 01-14  
Clark Harris G. Jr. 12-30 Marries Evelyn Mae McCarty.
Clark Louis A. 02-19 Brother of Stanley G. Clark.
Clark Stanley G. 02-19 Brother of Lois A. Clark
Clarke George Hyde Jr. 06-08 Killed in accident in Weed, Ca.
Clarke Hyde Jr. 06-17 Killed in  Weed, Ca.
Cleary Arthur 04-29  
Cleary James H.. 08-31  
Cleveland Maurice 11-29 Inducted by the Army.
Cleveland Maurice 12-10 Reservist goes into Army service.
Cleveland Scott 05-10 Killed in action. RCAF Brother of Theodore RCAF also.
Cleveland Scott Grover 06-04 casualty
Cleveland Theodore 05-10 RCAF Brother of Scott Cleveland, RCAF, missing in action.
Clue Henry 05-14 Promoted
Clum Harry 08-26  
Cluogh Henry Harold 02-10  
Clute Owen 12-28 Called for induction.
Clute Robert L. 02-06  
Clute Robert L. 08-13  
Clute Robert L. 10-20 Aboard the South Dakota.
co I commended   06-17  
Coats Ardo W. 10-08 Brother of Kermit L. and Raymond M Coats.
Coats Kermit L. 10-08 Brother of Ardo W. and Raymond M. Coats.
Coats Raymond 10-08 Brother of Ardo W. and Kermit L. Coats.
Cobb Erdine H. 11-06  
Cobbe William 02-19  
Cocchetto Herman L. 04-30  
Cochrane George 01-26  
Cochrane George Jr. 12-23 Marries Elizabeth Dickman.
Cockrell Dr. John 01-02  
Cody Joseph A. 12-28 Called for induction.
Cohn Alva L. 12-28 Called for induction.
Cohoon Stanley E. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Colburn Cecil R. 03-24 Brother of Fay Colburn.
Colburn Charlotte 12-18 Red Cross.
Colburn Fay 03-24 Brother of Cecil R. Colburn
Colburn Virginia 02-15 Joined the Red Cross foreign service in the Military Welfare services branch
Colburn Virginia 03-05 Red cross
Colburn Virginia 04-03 Red Cross
Colgan James Jr. 01-15 2 brothers
Colgan Richard Shaw 01-15 2 brothers
Coller Willis 06-12  
Coller Willis R. 06-10  
Collins Robert J. 11-27  
Collison Frank W. 11-05 Promoted.
Colliton David N. 06-04  
Colliton Donald 08-29 Marries Eleanor Wilson.
Colls William K. 01-29 Japanese prisoner of war
Connelly Jack 02-01 twin brother of Robert Francis Connelly
Connelly Robert Francis 02-01 missing in action from the USS Juneau Twin brother of Jack Connelly
Conner Bessie 06-04 WAAC
Cook Caral 02-08 promoted
Cook Carl 09-30 Promoted.
Cooke Clarence Glen 05-03 commissioned
Coon Harold 06-17  
Cooper Howard 09-30  
Cooper Hugh M. 07-03 Commissioned and received silver pilots wings Son of Hugh P. Cooper, Prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippines.
Cooper Hugh P. 07-03 Prisoner of the Japanese I n the Phillipines.
Cope Harry D. 05-18 Brother of Lewis J. Cope
Cope Lewis J. 05-18 Brother of Harry D. Cope
Cornell Marvin 09-17  
Cornish Willard 06-21  
Coulter George 03-18  
Coulter George 03-19  
Coulter Linn 01-18  
Coulter Walter 01-18  
Cower Edwin J. 07-17 Sampson
Cox Charles E. 09-25 Inducted.
Cox Charles L. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Cox Gordon 08-26 Promoted to sergeant.
Craft Frank H. 02-06  
Craig David 04-02 Brother of William C. and Samuel Craig.
Craig David A. 12-31 Brother of Samuel, William and Edward Craig.
Craig Edward 12-31 Brother of Samuel, David A. and William Craig.
Craig Samuel 04-02 Brother of William C. and David Craig
Craig Samuel 12-31 Killed Christmas day in an accident in England. Brother of David A.,  William and Edward Craig.
Craig William 12-31 Brother of Samuel, David A. and Edward Craig.
Craig William C. 04-02 Brother of David and Samuel Craig.
Cramer Mildred 01-12  
Crandall Garland L. 09-25  
Crandall Garland Lynn 09-21 Classified for induction.
Crandall Gerald 08-17  
Crandall Gerald Markley 07-30 Army reservist.
Crandall Raymond Hile 03-27  
Crandell Adelbert H. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Cranston Frank 04-22  
Crider Herman 08-17  
Crider Herman Edward 07-30 Army reservist.
Crounse Maynard H. 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Crowe Joseph 01-06  
Crumb Wilmer A. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Crumb Wilmer A. 09-22  
Crumb Wilmer A. 10-13 Leaving for military service.
Cucciarre Frank 12-31  
Culver Earle 05-06  
Cummings Kenneth B. 08-29  
Cummings Kenneth B. 10-24 Reporting for duty at the Navy recruiting station.
Cummings L.R. 07-23  
Cummings Marian L. 11-08 Prepares to donate a pint of blood.
Cummings Marian L.. 02-12 WAAC
Cundy Roland S. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Cundy Roland S. 09-22  
Cundy Roland S. 09-25  
Cunningham William F. 09-17 45 classified for induction.