Daley Gordon 08-17  
Daley Gordon Arthur 07-30 Army reservist.
Dana Floyd A. 01-16  
Dana Helen E. RN 01-28 nurse overseas
Dana William 12-10  
Dana William W. 01-29  
Danforth Prince E. Dr. 04-05  
Daniels Archie W. 06-04 Discharged  due to physical disability.
Darlin Edwin 05-06 Marries Beatrice Irene Goodrich.
Darling Lawrence 02-19 Blames amnesia for AWOL.
Darling Minnie 03-25 WAAC
Darling William 01-30 promoted
Dart Leon Austin 12-17  
Dartt Charles 09-12 Marries Pearl Morton.
Dartt Clifford C. 02-21 Received Silver Wings and was commissioned.
Dartt Clifford C. 07-19 Missing in action in vicinity of Noyon, France.
Dartt Clifford C. 07-27 Missing in action.
Dartt Clifford C. 12-15 German prisoner of war.
Davidson Don B. 09-09 Received his wings.
Davidson Don B. Jr.. 05-12  
Davis Abram 08-26  
Davis Burton 08-26  
Davis Franklin C. 08-25 Promoted to Captain and is stationed in Colorado.
Davis Richard 03-06 Sampson
Davis Richard E. 05-14 Sampson
Dayton Randall 08-26  
Dean Orville 09-23 Reservists leave for Army Camp.
Dean Orville C. 09-21 Leave for camp induction.
Dean Orville C. 09-25 Inducted.
DeAngelo Benedict R. 04-03\ Joined the Red Cross.
Decker John P. 01-25 commissioned
Decker Leo 04-09  
Decker Leo 07-01  
Dedrick Emerson H. 08-21 Marine aviator who downed 2 Japanese Zero planed in the Pacific.
Dedrick Emerson H., 08-17 Oneontan bags zero in first flight.
DeForest Lavern 10-20  
DeGasta Anthony 09-21 Leave for camp induction.
DeGasta Anthony 09-23 Reservists leave for Army Camp.
DeGasta Anthony 09-25 Inducted.
Delberta Carl  "Dell" 12-17 One of the best welterweights in the US Army.
DeLong Albert 12-10 Reservist goes into Army service.
DeLong Albert S. 11-29 Inducted by the Army.
Denoyell Nelson R. 09-21 Classified for induction.
DePalma Joseph 04-06  
Deuel Merle 05-22 Brother of Nelson Deuel.
Deuel Merle G. 01-08  
Deuel Nelson 05-22 Brother of Merle Deuel.
Dexter Claude 05-07  
Dexter Claude 05-15  
Dibble Herman 04-03 Brother of Marjorie and Ralph Dibble.
Dibble Marion 06-11 WAAF
Dibble Marjorie 04-03 WAAC

Brothers Herman and Ralph Dibble
Dibble Ralph 04-03 Brother of Marjorie and Herman.
Dickman Ruth W. 03-25 WAAC
Dillon Earl 11-29 Inducted by the Army.
Dillon Earl 12-10 Reservist goes into Army service.
Dingman Benjamin 05-22 Killed in action.
Dingman Benjamin 06-04 Killed in action.
Dingman Edward D. 10-08  
Disbrow Martha 02-05 WAAC
Disbrow Martha 02-12 WAAC
Disbrow Martha 02-17 WAAC
Disbrow Martha 08-28  
Disbrow Martha 10-18 WAC Awarded the green ribbon for admirable service.
Ditmore Harry S. 04-16  
Dolan Anthony F. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Donahue Michael 09-23 Reservists leave for Army Camp.
Donahue Michael P. 09-21 Leave for camp induction.
Donahue Michael P. 09-25 Inducted.
Donaloiv Anthony 05-01 Brother of Vincent and Joseph Donaloiv
Donaloiv Joseph 05-01 Brother of Vincent and Anthony Donaloiv..
Donaloiv Vincent 05-01 Brother of Joseph and Anthony Donaloiv.
Donlin Martin C. 08-29  
Donlin Martin S. 10-24 Reporting for duty at the Navy recruiting station.
Doolittle Tracy Lee 03-01  
Dorion Donald 05-23 Killed in action.
Dow Everett 05-18  
Dow George E. 05-19  
Downs Richard A. 03-10 commended
Drago Anthony "Tony" 10-06  
Drago Anthony C. "Tony" 12-15 Transferred to Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. for engineer training..
Drew William F. 08-28  
Dreyfus Lynn 01-19  
Dreyfus Lynn 08-26 Member of a mountain regiment skilled in skiing, climbing and covering terrain which would baffle the ordinary mortal. Arrived in Kiska.
Driggs Francis B. 11-29 Greeted the Duke of Windsor. at Mitchell Field, L.I.
Dudley Arthur G. 08-13  
Dunbar Donald J. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Dunbar Donald J. 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Dunn John Kendall 11-21 Marries Marguerite S. Denney.
Dunshee Reid E. 09-25  
Dunshee Reid Emmons 09-21 Classified for induction.
Dutcher James W. 03-27  
Dykeman Douglas 04-16  
Dyn Roscoe 02-12 wounded in action in the Philippines, taken prisoner by the Japanese, died of his wounds.
Dynn Roscoe 09-03 Listed as missing and later reported dead in a Japanese prison camp a short time after Pearl Harbor..