Gabriel John 4-11 Brother of Richard Gabriel.
Gabriel Richard 04-11 Brother of John Gabriel.
Gage Charles L. 09-22  
Gallagher Charles T. 05-29  
Galusha George 01-06  
Ganley Francis D. 05-29  
Gardner Robert E. 12-18  
Gardner Ward 04-22  
Gardner Ward E. 02-18  
Garrison Donald L. 05-23 Marries Jean Matthews.
Garvin Royce C. 10-13 Leaving for military service.
Gaughan Donald 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Gaughan Donald 09-22  
Gaughan Donald 10-13 Leaving for military service.
Gault John B. 01-02  
Geertgens Frances 10-07 Coast Guard Sister of Glenn Geertgens.
Geertgens Glenn 10-07 Brother of Frances Geertgens.
Geertgens Glenn W. 03-16  
Gennarino John 05-20 Sampson
George Paul J. 02-19  
George Paul James 01-28 joins aviation cadets
Georgia Carson D. 12-28 Called for induction.
Gergory Donald 05-07  
Gerow Chanrty G.. 05-29  
Getter Walter L. 05-01  
Gibbons Donald 05-07  
Gibson Walter 10-07  
Gill Margaret E. 08-16 Marries Pvt. Joseph Cycone.
Gill Obie 09-07  
Gill Obie 09-25 Inducted.
Gillette Bernard 11-03 Promoted.
Gilmore Lawrence A. 04-30  
Gilmour Everett 05-07  
Gjoerloff G. O. 08-31 Piloting an aerial ambulance in  the Caribbean.
Glenn J. Maurice 03-23  
Glionna John 04-08  
Gobel Donald 12-16  
Goble David J. 05-21 Brother of Glenn E. Goble.
Goble Glenn E. 05-21 Brother of David J. Goble
Goodfellow Erma , 11-15 Sister of Robert Goodfellow.
Goodfellow Robert 11-15 Brother of Erma Goodfellow.
Goodrich Dean 08-17 Reservists leave for active service.
Goodrich John 08-17  
Goodspeed George H. 02-26  
Gorham Robert Marshall 06-17 Marries Martha Taft Whitaker.
Goss Raymond E. 10-20 Wounded in North Africa and received the Purple Heart.
Gould John 01-30  
Govern Francis 02-19  
Grace Albert J. 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Gracey James G. 03-01 Stationed in Trinidad.
Graham Lester D. 05-12 Facing military action for the 4th time as a deserter from the army, Pvt Lester D Graham was found hanging in a cell at Albany police station.
Graham Robert L. 12-21 Marries Virginia Dimocco.
Graig Walter R. 04-11  
Grainger Edward 08-25  
Gramps Owen K. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Gramps Owen K. 12-29  
Grant Donald G. 03-24 commissioned
Grant Donald H. 01-04 father and son
Grant George Jr. 12-29  
Grant Quentin 10-18 Promoted.
Grant Quentin E. 01-04 father and son
Gras George H Jr. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Gras George H. 12-28 Called for induction.
Grass Charles Theodore 09-21 Classified for induction.
Grass Morris J. 06-07 Wounded in action in North Africa.
Gravelin William P. 02-20  
Gray Clifford 08-25  
Green Arthur F. 04-03  
Greenberg Leonard 06-05 Supervisor of condenser dept of Oneonta Manufacturing Co.
Greene Lynn 08-17 Reservists leave for active service.
Greene Thomas H. 11-24  
Greene William E. 10-30 Engaged to Bette Cavanaugh.
Gross Suzanne 05-22 WAVE
Grosse George 07-19 Missing in action, battle of Java sea.
Gruby Richard H. 07-23 Wounded in action in the Southern Pacific. Brother of Robert Gruby.
Gruby Robert 07-23 Brother of Richard H. Gruby.
Guidice Joseph 02-15  
Gurney Augustus M. 05-15 Brig. Gen.
Guyer Harold M. 02-19