Jackson Adrian 03-05 promoted
Jackson Elwyn E. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Jackson Elwyn E. 12-28 Called for induction.
Jacobson Milton 01-06  
Jacques Lynworth 02-13  
James Stewart 03-05 Red Cross
Jansen Donald J. 09-08  
Jaynes George 06-07 Promoted Killed in action.
Jeffers Kenneth 09-16 "American Heroes Day"
Jeffers Kenneth A. 05-05 Killed in army plane crash. Friend of Pershing Rolfe.
Jeffers Kenneth A. 11-05 Killed in a plane crash in Iceland.
Jenks Elmore 05-10 Sent home Japanese paper money.
Jenks George F. 12-16  
Jester Aubray 02-04 Brother of Harlond
Jester Clark g. 03-31 promoted
Jester Clark G. 07-27  
Jester Harlond 02-04 Brother of Aubray, married to the former Murial McNaughton.
Jester Merwin 02-04 Brother of Orion.
Jester Orion 02-04 Brother of Merwin
Jester Paul L. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Jester Paul L. 09-22  
Jester Paul L. 09-25  
Jocelyn Ray 02-19  
John Birdsall 08-23 Brother of Donald and Charles Birdsall.
Johnson Arthur J. 04-07  
Johnson Arthur P. 10-20 Promoted.
Johnson Donald W. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Johnson Ernest W. 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Johnson James 01-25 commissioned
Johnson James Stanley 02-13  
Johnson Roger A. 04-30  
Johnson William 08-25  
Johnston Allan 05-18  
Jones Alson 08-25 Brother of Owen Jones
Jones Alson B. 03-31 Brother of Owen Jones
Jones Catherine L. 10-12 WAVES
Jones Charles 08-07  
Jones Donald W. 12-20 Sampson. Brother of George R. Jones.
Jones George R. 12-20 Sampson. Brother of Donald W. Jones.
Jones Howard R. 03-03 Brother of Richard B. Jones.
Jones John L. 08-29 Volunteered for service with the Seabees.
Jones John L. 10-24 Reporting for duty at the Navy recruiting station.
Jones Owen 03-31 Brother of Alson B. Jones
Jones Owen 08-25 Brother of Alson Jones.
Jones Richard B. 03-03 Brother of Howard R Jones
Jubar Carl 04-19 promoted
Judd George G. 09-30 Brother of Joe T, Stephen O., and Richard S. Judd.
Judd Joe T. 09-30 Brother of George G., Stephen O. and Richard S. Judd.
Judd Richard S. 09-30 Brother of Joe T., George G. and Stephen O. Judd.
Judd Stephen O. 09-30 Brother of Joe T, George G. and Richard S. Judd.
Judd Stephen P. 07-03 Commissioned received silver pilot's wings.
June Carl 12-18 Was employed at Pearl Harbor as a boilermaker when the Japanese attacked.
Kane Charles 11-29  
Kane Stanley 05-12 Four daughters and two sons and families together for the first time in 15 years.
Kasprzyk John J. 09-17 Wounded in action in North  African and Sicilian area.
Kasprzyk John J. 09-30 Wounded inaction.
Kearsey Charles J. 06-07 Wounded in action in North Africa.
Keefe Walter L. 11-21 Leaves Troop C, state police for the Navy.
Keegan Edward J . 06-21 Brother of Elizabeth M. Keegan Red Cross.
Keegan Elizabeth M. 06-21 Red Cross Sister of Edward J. Keegan.
Keehn Robert 08-17 Reservists leave for active service.
Keeler Douglas 02-15  
Keeler Kenneth A. 05-12  
Keeler Kenneth A. 09-01 Commissioned.
Keeler Kenneth A. 09-17  
Keenan Teresa M. 11-08 Twin sister of Ellen c. Keenen. Join Army Nurses corps.
Keenen Ellen C. 11-09 Twin sister of Teresa M Keenan Joins Army Nurse corps.
Keiper Clarence F. 12-22 Pacific theatre since July, 1942.
Keith Hartford 01-06  
Kelly Charles 12-07 Wiped out Nazi nest by using mortar shells as grenades.
Kelly Reginald 11-17  
Kelsey Hugh F. 11-30 Reservist entrains for the Army reception center at Camp Upton.
Kelsey Mont W. 11-03 New selectee enrolls for draft.
Kelsey Monty W. 12-28 Called for induction.
Kelsey Ronald 10-18 Brother of Walter Kelsey.
Kelsey Russell 08-25 Graduated from gunnery school.
Kelsey Walter 04-17 Marries Ruth A. Jackson .
Kelsey Walter 10-18 Brother of Ronald Kelsey.
Kerley Stephen J. 01-02  
Kerschner Ira N. 09-25 Inducted.
Kettle Earl S. 12-28  
Kiley Joseph 11-30 Received a Japanese badge from Lt.  Col. Marshall K. Rudolpf . The badge was removed from the coat of a dead Japanese soldier at Guadalcanal.
Kilmer Edward 05-18 Promoted
Kilpatrick Edward 01-16 Sampson
Kilpatrick Edward 08-13  
Kilpatrick[ W. Richard 09-03 Marries Lois Elaine O'Connor.
Kimball Athalia M. 02-05 Engaged to Lt.. Alfred D. Ross
Kinney Clifford 09-03 Wounded May 29,  went back into action June 1, had been missing in action over Germany since June 1.
Kinney Clifford W. 05-08 Wounded in action.
Kinney Clifford W. Jr. 06-08 Slightly wounded in action in the European area.
Kinsey James H. 06-14 Brother of John Kinsey
Kinsey John 06-14 Brother of James H. Kinsey.
Kipp Charles 02-20  
Kittle Lauren S. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Klein Henry P. 03-27  
Klein Henry P. 08-27  
Klepej Sophie 11-29 Sister of Stephanie (WAC) and Amelia (Army nurse) Klepej.
Klepej Sophie 11-29 Army nurse Sister of Stephanie (WAC) and Sophie (Cadet nurse corps at Hartwick College) Klepej.
Klepej Stephanie 06-18 WAAC
Klepej Stephanie 11-27 WAC Sister of Sophie (cadet nurse corps at Hartwick College) and Amelia Klepej (Army nurse)..
Knapp Ernest 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Knapp Hugh L. J. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Knox Ralph W. 04-27  
Kolbozewski Andrew 07-02 Brother of John and Walter Kolbozewski.
Kolbozewski John 07-02 Brother of Andrew and Walter Kolbozewski.
Kolbozweski Walter 07-02 Brother of John and Andrew Kolbozewski.
Kopf Henry 01-09  
Kosier Alex 03-06  
Kouse Edward K. 12-28 Called for induction.
Kramer Ernest C. 03-02