Laing Fred 02-26 Enlist in Coast Guard.
Laing John Jr. 12-01 Sampson
Lalor Richard 01-11  
Lalor Richard 02-16 Commissioned
Lambros George 12-28 Promoted.
Lamonica Francis E. 07-19 Missing in action European area.
LaMonica Frank 04-08 Married to Phyllis Mae Sargent.
Lamonica Frank 05-28 Missing in action. Married Phyllis Mae Sargent
LaMonica Frank 07-30 Hospital prisoner in Germany.
Lamonica Frank M. 12-15 German prisoner of war. Hospitalized for treatment of injuries suffered when his bomber crashed.
Lamonica Marian 08-20 Army nurse meets fellow Oneontans.
LaMonica Miriam 03-31 Miriam of Oneonta  married Seaman Clarence Gipe.
Lance John Harry 12-03 Sampson.
Land Kenneth F. 05-09 With baby daughter Bernits Eleanor.
Lane J. Townsend 06-08 Marries Marian G. Clark.
Lane John T. 02-19  
Lane Stephen 08-23  
Lange Richard J. 02-06  
Lange Robert 08-17 Reservists leave for active service.
Langelotti Andrew (Blackie) 03-27 promoted
Lansing Chester 05-29  
Laraway Otto W. 09-09 Sampson
Lare Edson J. 01-29 3 brothers
Lare Fred M. 01-29 3 brothers
Lare Henry 01-28 3 brothers
Larkin Merritt E. 10-26 Kinned in plane crash in Oklahoma.
Larkins Merritt E. 03-15  
Last Name First Name Date notes
Laterra Carl J. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Latham Louis A. 11-29 Ready for basic training at  a Naval station.
Lathrop Charles A. 09-17  
Lathrop Donald B. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Lathrop Donald b. 09-22  
Lathrop Donald B. 09-25  
Lauren Mrs. Bertus C. 12-18 Marine corps honorary recruiter.
Layman William 01-06  
Layman William T. 06-10 Promoted
Layman William T. 07-21  
Layman William T. 08-04  
Leamy Robert J. 08-27 Commissioned.
Learned A. M. 03-05 Red Cross
Learned A.M. 02-15 Joined the Red cross in the Military Welfare services branch.
Learned A.M. 04-03 Red Cross
Leathersich Glenn 12-28 am
Leathersich Glenn J. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Leave for camp   01-06  
Lee Clifford "Kip" 06-04  
Lee John Marcus Lee Jr. 03-19 promoted
Left for camp 62 men 01-29  
Leonard A. M. 12-17 Red Cross field director.
LeSuer Charles 11-09 Enters Cornell university, Ithaca, for Navy v-12 training.
Lettis James F. 03-05  
Leubner Walter Jr. 01-21  
Lewis Claude 03-16 Attendant at wedding of Clinton Nichols.
Lewis Raymnod J. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Lewis Richard 01-04  
Li Puna John 03-12  
Lictfuss Ralph 05-05 Sampson
Lictfuss Ralph 05-06 Sampson
Liddle Clifford 01-13  
Little Alan 09-23 Reservists leave for Army Camp.
Little Alan B. 09-21 Leave for camp induction.
Little Alan B. 09-25 Inducted.
Lobdell Burton T. 11-03 New selectee enrolls for draft.
Locke Rexford F. 07-26 Died in battle area.
Lockwood Harry C. 10-16 Missing in action. Brother of Robert who is also listed as missing in action, Prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippines.
Lockwood Norman 01-18  
Lockwood Robert 01-27 prisoner of war in Philippines
Lockwood Robert 02-01 Friend of John A. Miller POW.
Lockwood Robert 10-16 Missing in action, prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippines. Brother of Harry G. missing in action
Lockwood Robert E. 08-17 Prisoner of war in the Philippines send a letter home.
Lockwood Victor D. 12-28 Called for induction.
Logan Donald 09-04 Sampson
Logan John 06-05 Wounded in Combat in New Guinea.
Logan John G. Jr. 06-19 Wounded in action in New Guinea.
Logan Kenneth John 09-04 Marries Elaine Janet Sandell
Long Charles W. 12-28 Called for induction.
Longtin Joseph S. 10-09 Brother of Roy T. Longtin.
Longtin Roy T. 10-09 Brother of Joseph S. Longtin
Loomis Cameron 03-17  
Lord Leon 07-23  
Loucks Clarence 08-14  
Lowe Edwin H. 04-19 Marries Beatrice Irene Haskin.
Lull Robert S. 11-03 New  selectee enrolls for draft.
Lumpkin J. T. 07-30 Army reservist.
Lumpkin J. T. 08-17  
Lunn Orvis G. 02-17  
Luquer Francis 01-04  
Lyers Lester 06-10 Returning home because of the age limit.
Lynch Fenimore B. 11-5 Killed in a plane crash in China in March 1942.
Lynch James Joseph 02-01 commissioned