Packer Gordon M. 05-09 Marries Anita Winsor
Packer Harold 07-15 Promoted.
Packer William 03-19  
Packer William H. 08-25  
Packer William H. 12-24 Engaged to Elizabeth R. Christman.
Page Lowell Thomas 09-21 Classified for induction.
Page Myrlin 05-27 Marries Elizabeth M. Barry.
Pallace Anthony E. 10-11 Leaving for military service.
Pallace Anthony Edward 09-21 Classified for induction.
Palmer Charles 07-31  
Palmer Clarence D. 11-13  
Palmer Clarence G. 02-02  
Palmer Elwyn 06-10 Medical discharge.
Palmeter Everett E. 04-08  
Palmeter Everett Earl 10-05  
Panaro James 12-21 Active in Solomons fight.
Paparteys William T. 09-17  
Parish Beatrice 03-05 Red Cross
Parish Beatrice 04-03 Red Cross
Parish Beatrice 09-15 Red Cross hospital recreation worker in Australia.
Parish Claude Jr. 08-25  
Park Alex F. 05-08  
Parr Marvin 08-17 Reservists leave for active service.
Parsons Earl E. 12-28 Sampson Inducted by the Navy.
Passaic l Michael 01-30  
Patchen Hart 03-19  
Patten Ralph 01-12  
Pattengill Philip 08-26  
Patton Donald 06-17  
Patton Harold A. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Payne Edward O. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Payne William 07-22  
Peake Norman 05-08  
Pearce Francis M. 11-30 Reservist entrains for the Army reception center at Camp Upton.
Pearson Alun 02-10 promoted
Pecora Joseph F. 10-11 Leaving for military service.
Pecora Joseph Frank 09-21 Classified for induction.
Pederson Leon 01-06  
Pedrone Kenneth Jr. 09-25  
Peet Dean 05-11 promoted
Peirce Ellis 03-20  
Pelham Daniel 09-16 "American Heroes Day"
Pelham Daniel E. 11-05 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific.
Penner Elwood G. 05-08  
Penner Elwood G. 06-08  
Penney Alvah 05-14  
Perry Arnold 01-30  
Perry Arnold 07-24  
Perry Douglas 03-24  
Peterson Emil C. Jr. 01-14  
Peterson Herman J. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Peterson Herman J. 12-28  
Pettis Arthur W. 11-30 Reservist entrains for the Army reception center at Camp Upton.
Phillips Donald E. 10-11 Leaving for military service.
Phillips Donald Edgar 09-21 Classified for induction.
Pickens Harlow 11-09 Promoted.
Pier Donald 10-30 Brother of Edmund, Richmond and Maynard Pier.
Pier Donald J. 09-22 Brother of Maynard Pier
Pier Edmund 10-30 Brother of Richmond, Maynard and Donald Pier.
Pier Maynard 09-22 Brother of Donald J. Pier.
Pier Maynard 10-30 Brother of Edmond, Richmond and Donald Pier.
Pier Richmond 10-30 Brother of Edmund, Maynard and Donald Pier.
Pier Richmond E. 05-26  
Pigantelli Sullivan John 01-22  
Pignatelli Frank C. 09-25 Inducted.
Pine George G. 05-20  
Pinney Joseph 03-23  
Piper Edmund C. 09-25 Inducted.
Piper Robert 09-21 Classified for induction.
Pitt Alton J. 06-04 Missing in action, prisoner in an Italian concentration camp.
Pitt Nicholas Jr. 08-30  
Pittet M. Louis 08-21 Sampson. Graduated Navel radio school.
Pizza Alphonse 05-08  
Pizza Alphonse 08-20 Meets fellow Oneontans.
Platt Alfred D. 12-16 Called for induction tests.
Platt Alfred D. 12-28  
Platt Robert J. 11-29 Ready for basic training at  a Naval station.
Platt Weldon 08-13  
Plowden-Wardlaw Thomas C. 04-03 Joined Red Cross.
Plowden-Wardlaw Thomas C. 11-06 Arrives in Australia.
Pondolfino Samuel 11-26  
Potter Harry 08-05  
Potter Harvey H. 11-30 Reservist entrains for the Army reception center at camp Upton.
Potter Philip E. 01-20  
Potter Raymond K. 09-21 Leave for camp induction.
Potter Raymond K. 09-23 Reservists leave for Army Camp.
Potter Raymond K. 09-25 Inducted.
Potter Waldo 03-15  
Powell Harry T. 05-29 Engaged to Elvira May Cole.
Powell Richard P. 12-15  
Powell Walter J. 12-10 Promoted.
Powers John 11-03 Brother of William J. Powers.
Powers John A. 11-27  
Powers John J. 09-08 Participated in parachute invasion over the Markham valley of New Guinea. Catholic chaplain.
Powers William J. 11-03 Coast Guard. Brother of John Powers.
Pratt Bennie 12-28  
Pratt Bennie L. 12-26 Sampson. Inducted by the Navy.
Pratt John 05-11 Brother of Stanley R. Pratt missing in action, they are in the same unit.
Pratt Stanley 05-11 Missing in action. Brother of John Pratt who is in the same unit.
Preston Charles E. 11-03 New selectee enrolls for draft.
Preston Charles E. 12-28 Called for induction.
Preston Neil W. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Preston Neil W. 09-22  
Preston Neil W. 10-13 Leaving for military service.
Price Frank L. 11-30 Reservist entrains for the Army reception center at Camp Upton.
Price William J. Jr. 10-12 Marries Percilla Wright.
Pruden Harry Jr. 01-02  
Pruden Harry Jr. 12-13 Missing in action since Dec. 1 over Germany.
Pudney Clinton 06-27 Killed in action.
Pugliese Carmel J. 06-27 Wounded in Japanese invasion of islands in the Southwest Pacific.
Pugliese Vito 01-26 decorated
Purdy Edward 01-13  
Puylara Carl 09-29  
Puylara Carl Amgelo 03-27  
Quackenbush Everett Jr. 10-12  
Quick Charles C. 03-23  
Quick Donald William 03-27  
Quick Gordon Robert 12-11 Honorably discharged from the Army. Brother of Mervington Edward Quick.
Quick Mervington Edward 12-11 Brother of Gordon Robert Quick.