Renaming I-79 bridge for WWII shipbuilders 

     PITTSBURGH (Nov. 7, 2003) – As part of regional Veterans’ Day celebrations, State Senator Jack Wagner will host an unveiling of new signs designating the bridge on Interstate 79 over the Ohio River at Neville Island in Allegheny County as the “Pittsburgh Naval and Shipbuilders Memorial Bridge 1941-1945.”

“We must never forget the contributions of Pittsburgh’s veterans, workers, and steel industry to the cause of freedom around the world,” said Wagner.

The event will take place at the southbound sign on Tuesday, November 11, 2003 at 2:00 p.m.

The name change is a tribute to the Dravo Corporation’s support of the Allies’ effort to win World War II.  The employees of Dravo, which was located on Neville Island, built hundreds of the Landing Ship Tanks used in landings in the Europe and Pacific theaters of the war.

The bridge’s name was officially changed by a Wagner-sponsored provision in Act 17 of 2001.  Although the name change took effect over two years ago, no signs had been installed informing the public of the change.  Thanks to a state grant recently secured by Wagner, new signs have been placed on the northbound and southbound lanes.

Just as the bridge has connected one river bank to another,” said Wagner, “it will now connect ‘the Greatest Generation’ with those who benefit from their sacrifices."

The sign unveiling is just the latest in Wagner-supported Veterans’ Day celebrations.  Pittsburgh’s annual Veterans’ Day Parade will be held as scheduled, despite the city’s financial problems, thanks to a state grant secured by Wagner.  In addition, Wagner, a decorated Marine Corps infantry veteran of the Vietnam War, introduced Senate Resolution 173, which commemorates November 10, 2003 as the 228th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  The resolution was passed by the State Senate last month.

original source: http://www.senatorwagner.com/bridge.htm