Sampson Base to hire 700 Workers by Apr. 1

Approximately 700 civilian civil service workers will be needed for the Sampson Air Force Base indoctrination training program by April 1.
This was the estimate given by Air Training Command authorities to Col. Frederick W. Ott, who as Sampson commander will begin planning and groundwork activities at the newly reactivated installation next Tuesday.

Eventual authorization for hiring personnel at Sampson is expected to be around 1,300 total, which is the present force employment at Lakeland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Tex.  The Sampson operation will be comparable in mission, size and scope to that now conducted by the Air Force at the San Antonio indoctrination center.

The majority of those employed will be from within an area of ground 15 miles from Sampson.  Air Force civilian personnel officers, generally follow a policy of recruitment within local commuting distance as causing least disruption to the established economy.
Appointments for the most part will be under new civil service regulations which prescribe temporary emergency appointment not to exceed June 30, 1952. 

Colonel Ott said that since hundreds of applications already received cannot be acted on in the immediate future, individuals should file applications and establish their civil service ratings at the local state employment offices. Wholesale hiring will not begin immediately, it was emphasized
Services of the state employment offices in the Sampson vicinity will be utilized to a great extent. These offices will be kept informed as to the number and type of employees needed.

Expected to be needed first will be such workers as typists, clerks, stenographers, warehousemen, laborers and some others such as stokers, firemen, electricians and plumbers.

Both graded and ungraded civil service positions as established in the federal government will be involved. Graded employees, including clerical, administrative, and professional personnel, are paid on nationwide rate which will be the same at Sampson for the like jobs as elsewhere throughout the country.

Ungraded personnel, including carpenters, sheet metal workers and skilled and semi-skilled labor, will be paid according to the generally prevailing rate in the Sampson or regional locality. These jobs will pay in accordance with rates of other military installations of the surrounding area.
Individuals will be employed first from among those who have qualified in the appropriate civil service examinations for the position offered. Individuals with prior government service will be particularly desirable, but if personnel already qualified are not available, hiring will be done in the open market.

All persons hired as part of the civil service staff will be administered according to standard federal regulations which calls for a 40-hour week, compensatory time off for overtime, 26 days annual leave and 16 days a year sick leave.