Regimental News
1st Regiment----- Four companies -------145, 147, 149 and 158 ------ will bid for pairings in First Regiment's  basketball title game to be played Saturday night, at the semi-finals tonight. ...... Co. 136. which had 92.4 per cent qualified swimmers, paced the field of those completing tank tests for the week 2 December ...... Physical fitness banners, as a result of high strength test averages, have been awarded to Cos. 133, 136, 138, 139 and 142.
2nd Regiment---- Harry D. ( Buddy)  Baker, Co. 223, Rochester, who coached the Second Regiment's varsity basketball team, set what is believed to ba a station record last week when he performed 1,111 sit-ups in connection with his second strength test........... Co. 224 has won the station's 100 per cent swimming banner, the 11th company to win the award for the regiment.......... Tumblers Francis Raye and Robert Lewis, both Sp(A)1c, attached to regimental physical training office, featured the entertainment at Tuesday night's Happy Hour.
3rd Regiment ---- A technical knockout awarded Settimmio Ciccizzi, Co. 317, of Monaca, Pa., over Ralph Tobjy, Co. 306, New York City, in the second round of their middle-weight bout highlighted Third Regiment's boxing smoker last Thursday night ...... "E" varsity basketeers ran up a 40 to 28 win over "C" cagers on Monday--- their second victory of the week--- after nosing out "F" Unit's quintet Saturday, 42 to 38, in the station's championship court playoffs.
4th Regiment----- A guard on the Washington Redskins' pro football team in 1935-'36, Rayford A. Mann, Jr., 27, of Pittsburgh has entered recruit training with Co. 420.... The Fourth Regiment's inter- company basketball tourney has been won by Co. 403, which defeated Co. 483, 36 to 33, in the playoff finals ...... Regimental varsity cagers suffered a pair of setbacks over the weekend at the hands of Second and Third regiment teams and dropped out of top place in the league.
5th Regiment----- Fourteen months overseas with the American Field service, a volunteer ambulance unit, Richard A. Dougherty, Co. 564, of Avalon, Pa., came to sampson to don a bluejacket's uniform 13 November, and went home on leave Wednesday wearing an officer's uniform....... He was commissioned an Ensign 7 December......... Within range of he station's 100 per cent swimming banner are Cos. 556 with two non-swimmers, and 559 with five "sinkables.
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Sampson News
10 December, 1943

Station Publication Starts Second Year with Today's Issue
  With this issue the Sampson News begins its second year of publication.
  Appearing on the scene when the station was just eight weeks old, the Sampson News in the 52 isses of Volume 1 has attempted to record the progress of the station's groth and the activities of the personnel who have had a part in that growth.
All Departments Helped
  Whatever sucess has been achieved is due in great measure to the splendid cooperation re-
ceived from Captain harry A. Batt, USN, Commandant; Captain Will- iam B. Coleman, USN, Executive Officer, and the officers and men of every department on the station and at the U. S. naval Hospital.
  To all of them---fron all of us on the staff of the Sampson News--
we extend our sincere thanks.

USO Show Coming
  "Have a Look," a USO--Camp Skows, Inc., stage production will provide entertainment for Sampson Bluejackets and officers during a three-night appearance in Sullivan Auditorium starting next Thursday night.
$51,750 In Bonds Sold On Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor
  Pearl harbor Day, 1943----- the second anniversary of the Jap sneak attack----passed without any formal observence at Sampson Tuesday, except for the wholehearted support which the Naval and civilian personnel gave to the navy's "Pearl Harbor" War Bond campaign.
  Sampson's participation in the drive was termed a high success Wednesday, after Ensign R. H. Makemson, USNR, War Bond Officer, tabulated total cash sales of bonds at $51,750, based on maturity value. He indicated that the figure exceded expectations, in as much as the bonds were "extra" and were in addition to regular purchases by personnel through allotments and payroll channels.
  Outstanding among individual in- vestments was a $5,000 purchase made by John Bilotta, Newark, N.Y., a recruit in Co. 244.
  Ensign Makemson expressed appreciation to group agents who helped promote th bond sale in various departments, shops and at the U. S. Naval Hospital.
  Nurses at the Naval Hospital topped all other military groups. Carpenters and electricians took the lesd among other larger civilian shops, with railroad men and pump house workers heading the smaller shops.
Service School Classes
  Lieut. William R. Anderson, USNR, Discipline Officer, ad- dressed graduates of two classes from Service Schools Monday in Building K-2. Lieut. Comdr. Cyril E. Bently, USNR, assistant Service Schools Officer, presented awards to the honor graduates.
  C. J. Salamore, EM3c, of Rochester, N.Y. was honor man of Electrician's Mate School and L. Smith, Bkr3c, of Hempstead, Tex. was honor student of the Cooks and Bakers School.
  Lieut. P. B. Winterstein, ChC, USN, pronounced dedication and benediction.
Rooster Companies
1st Regiment, Co.157, CSp Hol-  land, and Co. 160, CSp Barber;
2nd Regiment, Co. 245, CSp Marushi, and Co. 243, CSp Manarel; 3rd Regiment, Co. 323, CSp Mangone, and Co. 317, Sp(A)1c Fisher: 4th Regiment,
Co. 413, CSp Raney, and Co. 417, CSp Barantovich. 5th Regiment,
Co. 559, CSp Ward and Co. 569, CSp Boyle.
Dance At USO
  A dance and entertainment for servicemen will be held tonight at the Geneva USO.