Excerpts From
Sampson News
17 December, 1943
Co. 166 Recruit Served On Two Ships Torpedoed In Atlantic
  Forty-seven-year-ld Charles E. Williams, SC2, a recruit in Co. 166, has experienced a couple of incidents at sea in this war for which he hopes to be able to even the score.
The York, Pa., resident, father of seven children, two of which is in the Army -- one in Sicily--joined the U.S. Maritime
Service  few months after the Japs dealt their sneak blow at Pearl Harbor. He made five crossings of the Atlantic with cargos of war materials for Allied fighting forces.
  During 14 months of sea duty he was torpedoed twice, being rescued by a British destroyer following the first torpedoing, and he was adrift for 36 hours following the second sinking.
  Upon returning to New York City, Williams attended a Maritime Service School at Sheepshead Bay for a two month course in meat cutting. He is also a former hotel cook.
USO Show To End Run
  Final appearances of "Have a Look," a USO-Camp shows, Inc. stage show, now playing a three-day run at Sullivan Auditorium, will be given tonight at 1830 and 2030.

Xmas Trees To Lend Holiday Atmosphere In Station Units
  Although many Sampson men will be unable to spend the Christmas holidays with their families, the holiday atmosphere will be wll in evidence on the station. To the turkey and fixin's will be added the traditional Christmas tree.
  Christmas trees will be placed in the mess halls and drill halls in all recruit units and in the Service Schools area; Outgoing Unit, Wel- fare and Recreation, Officers' Mess, all Ship's Service buildings, Cassin Young Unit, all dispensaries and chapels.
"Flyin' Fin Grounded By New Recruit Pay Plan
The "Flyin' Fin has been grounded at at Sampson. An order announc- ing its honorable discharge came fro Comdr. J.M. McIssac, USN, Recruit Training Officer. Henceforth, recruits will get ten dollars instead of five for their first pay, but will get no more until graduation pay.
  Those monetary gremlins--Knon as deductions----will be aboard the new "soaring sawbuck." Barracks wits will have to make the best of it.
High Honors Won By Five
Members Of Dental School
  Five men having final grades of 95 per cent or higher were honor students in a class graduated Sat- urday from Sampson's Dental Tech- nician's School at ceremonies held in the Service School's auditorium.
  The honor men and their averages: Eugene J. McMahon, HA1c, Rich- mond Hill, L.I., 97.25; Harry J. Popper, HA1c, Bronx, 95.7; Fred R. Sontag, PhM3c, Lemay, Mo., 95.3;Arthur Kapral, PhM3c, Montville, N.J., 95.1, and Robert F. Walther, HA1c, Columbia, Pa., 95.
  Speakers at the graduation were Comdr. E. B. Hoag (DC), USN, Senior Assistant Dental Officer, and Lieut. Comdr. A. P. S. Sweet, (DC) USNR, Assistant Dental Officer.
Offer Water Safety Course In
D Pool
  Officers, petty officers and Ship's Company enlisted personnel are eli- gible to attend a safety instructor's course being held from 1000 to 1200 daily in Unit D pool, under the direct- ion of Jack MacMurdo, American Red Cross field representative. Graduates will be awarded Red Cross Instructor's certificates.
Regimental News
First Regiment----- A chip off the old block is Irving Losee, Co. 170, C Unit's Golden Gloves finalist, who is following his father's footsteps in the ring; the Navy too..... Losee's dad, Ernest, of Schenectady, a GM1c in the last war, was middleweight champ for several years..... Harry M. Crooks, Co. 147, of Sharpsburg, Pa., piled up 20 points to help his company defeat Co. 158 Sunday night, 46 to 23, for the Unit's basketball crown...
Second Regiment----- William Lovett, Co. 243, og Baltimore, Md., Unit D'sonly finalist in the Golden Gloves tourney, never boxed brfore he came into the Navy..... A middleweight, Lovett has won both the quarterfinals. and the semifinals by technical knockouts..... Silvio Barzottini, Co. 260, of Worcester, Mass., was a saxophone soloist in Les Brown's orchestra before he joined the Navy.
Third Regiment----- Joseph Tisi, 17, of Co.310 , of Little falls, never will go hungry as long as he can find light bulbs, razor blades, nuts, bolts and other hardware..... He has been eating them as a professional entertainer since he was 13..... Alfred R. DeLage, Utica, also of Co. 310, is a professional magican..... Randolph E. Spreen, Cliffside Park, N.J., former U. of Florida football player, and George Hayes, Philadelphia, a high school youth, both of Co. 312, have teamed as tumblers in Unit E.
Fourth Regiment----- Jack E. Swetek, Co. 407, a trainer for 10 years at Lewistown High School before entering the Navy, has been assisting with recruit physical training in G Drill Hall and lecturing on First Aid...... He's a graduate of Slippery Rock State teachers College of Physical Education..... CSp Morgan, attached to Fourtf regiment, has started his second year of instruction in hand-to-hand fighting and Judo...... Thousands of Sampson trained Bluejackets now know Chief Morgan's tricks.
Fifth Regiment----- Companies 554 and 556, commanded by CSp Kleinman ans CSp Rose, respectivley, became the fifth and sixth companies to win the station's 100 per cent swimming banner..... Other good records compiled were by Co. 559, with two non-swimmers, 568 with three, 569 with five, 555and 558 with six apiece...... B. L. Topolski, Co. 558, 17, Hartford, Conn., has set a regimental record in fitness tests with an average of 76 per cent in his second attempt.  Topolski did weight lifting, boxing and apparatus work in high school.
Station Golden Gloves Champs To Be Crowned Wednesday Night
Eight recruits punhed their wayinto the finals of the station Golden Gloves championship by chalking up victories in semi-final bouts Tuesday at D drill hall. Eight others had previously advanced by drawing byes. Seven of the finalists are members of the First regiment team coached by John Harko, Sp(A)1c. Finals will be next Wednesday night in C drill hall.
Paul Hewitt, Co. 326, Poughkeepsie, defeated Richard Mingo, Co. 559, Glens Falls,  120 lbs. ------ John Palattella, Co. 560, Long Is- land, TKO in first round over Vincent Bentivegens, Co. 429, Boston, 126 lbs. ------ William Gallagher, Co. 319, Philadelphia, defeated Vincent Di Martini, Co. 571, Hoboken, N.J., 135lbs. ----- Nick Zangaro, Co. 166, Bronx, defeated George Bussiere, Co. 256, Elizabeth, N.J., 145 lbs. -----Arthur Lo Priore, Co. 413, Pawatuck, Conn., Defeated paul Van Denburg, Co. 149, Baldwinsville, 155 lbs. ----- William Lovett, Co. 243, Baltimore Md., TKO'd Edward Phillips, Co. 574, Ridgewood, N. J., 165lbs. ----- William Sandeman, Co. 152, Pawtucket, R.I., defeated James Parsons, Co. 420, Pittsburgh, 175 lbs. ----- Albert Sarashivitz, Co. 335, Passaic, N. J. , outpointed John Latella, Co. 253, Philadelphia, heavyweight.

Candidates Sought For Swim Team
Sampson's swimming team which opens its season 8 January against the Univer- sity of Rochester at Rochester, is working out daily in H pool under the direction of Chief Specialist Tom Haje. A number of experienced tankmen are out and pro- spects are bright for a strong team. Others wishing to try out should report to Coach Haje at H pool at 1700
Rooster Companies
First Regiment, Co. 169, CSp Runk and Co. 171, CSp VanDam; Second Regiment, Co. 246,  CSp Olivas; Third regiment, Co. 323, CSp Mangone and Co. 317, Sp(A)1c Fisher; Fourth regiment, Co. 418, CSp Trager and Co. 423, CSp Frye; Fifth Regiment, Co. 565, CSp Schroeder and
Co. 572, CSp Murphy.