Excerpts From
Sampson News
24 December, 1943
Merry Christmas
Commandant Extends Xmas Greetings To Naval And Civilian Personnel

  To all officers, enlisted men and women, and civilian employees of Sampson, I extend my heartiest greetings for a Merry Christ-
mas and a Victorious New Year.
  For more than a year we have been working together for a common goal. We shall achieve this goal and may you reap the rewards of peace in the victory to come.
                                           H. A. BADT
                                           Captain, U. S. Navy
Post Office Crew Handled 3,000,000 Item During Christmas Rush
  The Sampson Post Office has taken the double load of holiday mail in stride, working overtime to distribute three million letters and packages which have been received at the station in the last two weeks. In addition, a million and a half pieces of mail have been sent from the station.
  Lieut. James N. Towns, USNR, Postal Officer, said that the peak was reached on Wednesday. He said the post office staff has been working evenings on parcel post, and that the whole staff worked last Sunday.
  The normal complement of 115 mail specialists has been augmented by seventy student from the Postal School, who have pitched in the handle the load.
  An indication of the burden placed on the staff, Lieut. Towns pointed out that during a normal week less that 1,500,000 pieces of mail, both incoming and outgoing, are handled, whereas during the week of 20 December, over 2,400,000 pieces passed through the building.
Midnight Services, Recruit Parties To Usher In Christmas
  Thousands of Sampson men will pause to usher in Christmas to- night with the singing of Yuletide carols and attendance at midnight services throughout the station.
  The Christmas festivities will begin with Open House parties at 1800 tonight in the Ship's Service buildings in all recruit units. At 1945 the WAVES will go through Y area caroling and they will hold a party at the Hostess House at 2030.
Only Holiday of Year
  Since tomorrow is the only holiday which the Navy observes in wartime, taps will not sound tonight. Protestant services, starting at 2330, will be conducted in Royce Chapel and in C, F and H Units. Mass will be celebrated at midnight in Chidwick Chapel and in D, E and G drill halls.
  The service in Royce Chapel will be broadcast over stations WSAY, Rochester, and WENY, Elmira. Station WHAM, Rochester, will carry the mass which will be celebrated in E Unit.
Other Church Services
  Additional Christmas ceremonies will be held tomorrow morning throughout the station as follows:
  Protestant--- Services at 0830 in Units C, D, E, F, G and H and at 0900 in Royce Chapel.
  Catholic--- Masses at 0715 in Units C, D, E, F, G and 0930 in Chidwick Chapel.
  Then the decks will be cleared for a gala Christmas dinner complete from turkey to mince pie and ice cream.
  Tomorrow afternoon recruits will be permitted to receive visitors during regular visiting hours. In addition, recruits who have been here 21 days, and who live within a radius of 30 miles, will be permitted to return home for Christmas dinner if their families arrange for their transportation to and from the station.
  Arrangements have also been made for the wives and children of enlisted personnel on the station to have their Christmas dinner in B Ship's Service. Civilian employees who will be on the station Christ- mas day also have been invited to dine there and dinner will be served from 1130 to 1700.
Co. 183 Recruit, Father Of Ten, Has No Family Income Worries
  When David M. Lewis, AS, 36, of Scranton, Pa., came to Sampson last Friday to start recruit training with Co. 183, he didn't have to worry about financial support for his family---- and it's a large one, too.
  The Sampson recruit is the father of ten children---six girls and four boys--and his allotment to his wife, coupled with the government's benefits to a wife and dependent children, will establish a monthly income of $260.
  Tried To Enlist Twice
Nine of the Lewis children, the oldest of which is 15 years and the youngest 11 months, were born before the United States entered the war.
  The father was a truck driver and until recently was employed on a Scranton war plant project.
  While Lewis will be able to furnish his family with $260 a month now, the amount will be increased by 10 per cent of his base pay if he is assigned to duty with the fleet.
W. U. Must Refuse Greeting Telegrams
  A Federal Communications order prohibits the sending of greetings by telegram. navy men are requested to refrain from submitting messages of this type at the Western Union Office in the main Administration Building on Christmas Day or phoning them to the Geneva office.
  The station W. U. office will be open from 0900 to 1400 Christmas.
Xmas Menu
Consommé   Celery   Pickles
Roast Turkey With Giblet Gravy
Apple and Celery Dressing
Whipped Potatoes - Mashed Turnips
String Beans     Cranberry Sauce
Hearts of Lettuce    French Dressing
Parkerhouse Rolls      Apple Butter
Mince Pie      Nesslerode Pudding
Apples       Tangerines
Milk                  Coffee
Men Of Jewish Faith To Observe Festival
  The festival of Lights (Hanukah) celebrated this week by men of the Jewish faith, will be observed Sunday, 26 December at 2015 in Sullivan Auditorium.
  A happy hour program has been arranged and will include some of the best talent on the station. Gifts will be distributed.
Rooster Companies
First Regiment, Co. 175, CSp Lawlor, and Co. 167, CSp Kegal; Second Regiment, Co. 250, Sp(A)1c
Rohan; Third Regiment, Co. 327, CSp Brody and Co. 330, Csp Nadeau;
Forth Regiment, Co. 425, CSp McManus and Co. 426, Csp Sides; Fifth Regiment, Co. 569, CSp Boyle and Co. 562, CSp Struck
Regimental News
First Regiment----- Robert Knowles, Co. 166, New England Intercollegiate one-mile champ while at Springfield College, competed against Gunder Haegg, widely known Swedish runner, in Harvard Stadium on 24 July...... Bill Sandeman, Co. 152, Pawtucket, R. I., one of Unit C's Golden Glovers, had 47 kayos as an amateur light heavyweight..... Kenyon A. Jones, Rumford, R. I., also of Co. 152, was an illustrator and commercial artist in New York City, after graduating from Pratt Institute.
Second Regiment----- Bill Colello, Co. 247, of New Britain, Conn., will meet George Bussiere, Co. 256, of Elizabeth, N. J., in a featured lightweight event on next Tuesday's Unit D smoker...... Lawrence M. McElroy, Co. 238, of Brooklyn, collected 12 points to help "D" basketeers nose out Unit F cagers, 35-31, last Friday...... Baton-twirling Frank Farnsworth, Co. 245, of Norwood, and tap dancer Joseph Petito, Co.263, of Rochester, were enthusiastically received on Tuesday's Happy Hour.
Third Regiment----- Walter M. Kresge, Co. 325, of Bethlehem, Pa., who has led Unit E's varsity basketball team in scoring in its victories this week over "C" and "G," played three years at Bethlehem (Pa) High School, a season at Scarsboro Prep School and semi-pro ball at New Britain, Conn..... Edward O'Toole, 18, Co. 335 expects to sign a contract for after the war with the St. Louis Cards when he goes home to Clifton, N. J., on recruit leave next month.
Forth Regiment----- Boston recruits at Sampson may have heard Vincent Ventivegne, Co. 430, sing pop- ular songs as an entertainer at the Ort's Club in Boston, before he entered he Navy..... Max Chamiter, Co. 440, of New York City, was featured pianist with Ray Noble's orchestra..... Impersonations of well known trumpeters is the spacialty and hobby of William Lockwood, Co. 418, of Ithaca, who will entertain at a Yule program tonight in "F" recreation building.
Fifth Regiment----- John C. Miller, 17, Co. 560, Chestertown, Md., is the third member of his family to enlist in the armed services. Two of his brothers, one a Navy Ensign, have been killed in the present war.... First Battalion companies have been first in Unit G to win a number of vents, among them being Co. 552, seabag relay; Co. 551, rooster; 556, basketball title and first 100 per cent swimming banner in six months; Co. 554 the second swim banner.