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Sampson News
31 December, 1943
1943 Saw Sampson Assuming Vital Role In Navy Program
  The year 1943, which swings from the calander at 2400 tonight, has been a memorable one in the young life of Sampson. For when the pendulum of Father Time strokes midnight it will carry into history a number of events that have been important in establishing this station.
  Like a new ship shoving off for its shakedown cruise, Sampson last January was only a few months old and its capabilities were not fully shown. Facilities were available then for the training of only a few thousand men. Today---the close of the year---finds Captain harry A. Badt, USN, Commandant, at the helm of a station operating at maximum capacity and filling an important role in supplying trained men for the world's greatest Navy
Outstanding Events
  Station activities during the past year have been varied. They have ranged from affairs of a local nature to events of coast-to-coast in- terest and all America has heard about them.
  Some of the larger activities have included:
  The Establishment of the U. S. Naval Hospital, adjacent to the training station, last 27 February. Captain Reynolds Hayden, (MC) USN, then Third Naval District Medical Officer, was the commis- sioning officer.
  Celebration of a solemn pontifical military field mass on Unit F drill field 4 July by the Most Rev. James E. kearney, D.D., bishop of the Rochester Catholic diocese, in which 16,000 bluejackets took part.
  Formation of a station baseball team which won 15 out of 19 games during the season, after which came the announcement that football and a full program of competitive athletics would be organized. The Sampson eleven  won seven out of nine contests and was picked by theAssociated Press as the outstanding servicemen's team in the east.
  Dedication of two chapels brought a host of important church officials of Protestant, Jeish and Catholic faiths to the station in August and October.  Royce Memorial Chapel was dedicated by Protestant and Jewish denominations on 15 August, with Captain Robert D. Workman, (ChC) USN, Chief Chaplain of the Navy, participating. Chidwick Chapel was dedicated by the Catholics on 10 October, and among visiting churchmen were rear Admiral John J. Brady, USN (Ret,), pastor of St Catherine's Church in New York City: Rev. Robert I Gannon, S.J., president of Fordham University, and Bishop Kearney.
  Sampson Bluejackets were heard several times during 1943 from the stage of Sullivan Auditorium in coast-to-coast broadcasts of programs featured by the nation's major broadcasting systems.
  Among other events in which there was more than local interest were: The opening of Sampson's Postal School, the first of its kind in the navy; the arrival of WAVES to relieve enlised men for duty with the fleet; The opening of Sullivan Auditorium-- named in honor of the five Sullivam brothers and the first anniversary of the opening of the station.
  As all these events turn into history tonight,so will tomorrow start another year in the life of Sampson and the part it is playing in the fight for the preservation of democracy and peace.
Exercises Held By 4 Service Schools Classes
  Exercises were held Monday at the Service School Auditorium for graduating classes of Radioman, Gunner's mates, Mail  Specialist's and Quartermaster's Schools. The principal address was delivered by Lieut. John K. Weaton, (ChC) USNR, Senior Catholic Chap- lin, followed by remarks by Lieut. Comdr. C. E. Bently, USNR, Assistant SErvice Schools Officer.
  Honor graduates were Richard Arnold Gross, QM3c; William I. Edmonds, RM3c; Lyle F. Lakin, GM3c, and Donald C. Rothman, Sp(M)3c. They recieved their diplomas from Lieyt. Comdr. Karl H. Nonweiler, USNR, Service Schools Officer, who also honored Alberta M. Eisele, Sp(M)3c, honor student among WAVES completing Mail Specialist School.
  The invocation and bebediction were pronounced by Lieut. (jg) J. F. Regan, (ChC) USNR.
News Highlights Of Interest To Navy Personnel
  NEW YORK----- A personnel survey of all activities of the Third Naval District, planned as part of the Navy's effort to make the most economical possible use of available manpower, will begin early next month and continue until complete inform- ation on the district's shore estaclishment is compiled.
WASHINGTON----- The Navy  Construct- ion Battalions (Seabees) Observed the second anniversary of their founding on Tuesday, 28 December. Congratulatory statements were issued by President Roosevelt, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox and high-ranking officers of the Army and Navy.
WASHINGTON----- The Navy plans to cut from four to six from the uniform jumpers of enlisted men, saving an estimated $2,000,000 in clothing costs. The change, officials say, will eliminate the "blouse effect" of the jumper.
MADISON, WIS.----- The radio school for women reservists at the University of Wisconsin came to a close this month with the graduation of the last remaining class of 33 WAVES and 21 Marine Women. Ap- proximately 1/050 women have received training at the radio school since it was established in October, 1942, the Navy's first training school for women radio operators.

Co. 245 First To Win Four Station Awards
  A Second Regiment company ---245---this week became the first to achive all four station awards during recruit training.
  Under command of CSp(A) Rudolph Maruschi, the company has won the 100 per cent swimming banner, the Comman- dant's War Bond Flag, the regi- mental rooster and the station physical fitness banner.
  Several companies have won three awards.
Rooster Companies
First Regiment, Co. 161, CSp Keefe and Co. 165, Sp(A)1c Kloppenburg: Second Regiment, Co. 257, Sp(A)1c Donaldson; Third Regiment, Co. 330, CSp Nadeau; Forth Regiment, Co. 430, CSp Morse, and Co. 435, CSp Rensvalle; Fifth Regiment, Co. 572, Sp(A)1c Poly and Co. 573, CSp Hange
Sets New Record
  Unt G's squat thrust time record was broken this week by henry Windsor, 30, Co. 570 of Tonawanda, who completed 43 thrusts in one minute.
George Deriscavage, S2c, of Quartermaster's School, has served 22 months in the Merchant Marine Service
Regimental News
First Regiment----- Station physical  fitness banners have been awarded Co. 147, 149, 150, 151 and 154..... Now leading Unit C's inter-company basketball tournament are Cos. 166, 168 and 173 with three wins each..... Olaf J. Olson , GM3c, C. 157, of Brooklyn, had a year and eight months service in the Army before enlisting in the Navy..... He was attached to the Field Artillery at camp McCain, Miss., at the time of his discharge.
Second Regiment----- David Weinberg, Co. 258, of Brooklyn, was a professional master of ceremonies before coming into the Navy..... He appeared at Leon and Eddie's Club 51 and with Fred Allen's revue, both in New York City, and played a three year stretch on a radi show..... Edmund Jaskowick, Co. 240, of Philadelphia, has been a professional vocalist, specializing in semi-classics..... Cos. 255 and 258 are leading the inter-company basketball tourney with three wins, no losses.
Third Regiment----- Unit E's varsity basketball quint, which triumphed 21-13 over Unit D Monday night, was paced by John Gallagher, 20, Co. 327, of Pittsburgh, who tallied 11 points..... Gallagher played at Central Catholic High in Pittsburgh and two years of semi-pro ball..... CSp Rambow this week launched a new inter-company basketball tourney for Unit E companies...... New companies interested in entering the series are asked to contact him at the drill hall.
Forth Regiment----- A yule program for Unit F recruits had among its entertainers Oliver Demaret, of Port Allegheny, Pa.; Henry Campenello, of Niagara Falls, both of Co.423, vocalists, and Joseph O'Keefe, Co. 421, of Scranton, Pa., who gave a Christmas poem in pantomime and monologue..... Emerson Frye of Hunker, Pa., and Bernard Lipinski, of Herminie, Pa., both of Co. 430, have appeared as guitar players and yodelers on many occasions.
Fifth Regiment----- Constantine D. Delluomo, Co. 564, of Syracuse, has attained a physical fitness score of 75, the third highest in Unit G...... Co. 568, under Sp(A)3c Hatch, has won the 100 per cent swim banner..... Co. 564, commanded by CSp Fiorini, has been awarded the station's physical fitness banner, based upon a compsny score of 51 and no individual mark less than 30---an improvement of 31 per cent over the company's first test.