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Now for the interesting story:

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Look at the picture of the twins at the upper left side of the newspaper. Just below it you'll see a story about a guy who's name is "D. Day" who was inducted into the Navy on 6 June 1944.  His name is Delbert Day and was my Grandfather-in-laws best friend. They served together, shoulder to shoulder, the entire time they were in the Navy. 

Upon graduation, they went by train to Astoria Oregon to attend the APA Pre-commissioning School. They boarded the McCracken APA 198 the same day she was commissioned (22 Oct 1944) then sailed up to Bremerton Naval Ship Yard, Washington for further outfitting, supplies, ammunition, shake down.  

They served aboard the McCracken until 10 September 1945. The ship was back at Okinawa for the second time and while she was there, they both transferred to a minesweeper called the USS Elusive, AM-225. The Elusive sailed between  Japan, P.I., Okinawa,  and the China coast until the ship put into Shanghai, China around May 1946. There, she was demilitarized and then handed over to the Chinese Government. 

Mr. Day and Mr. Dingley then boarded the old sub tender, USS Holland, and sailed to Los Angeles for their discharge from the Navy. The Muster Role's I have verify all of this.  

By shear happenstance was I able to find Mr. Day when I started my project of reconstructing Mr. Dingley's Naval career. I got in contact with a company called "Seaweeds"; they provide pictures of ships and their histories which they emboss onto plaques. I ordered one for the McCracken and the Elusive. When they came to me in the mail, I got an unexpected bonus. With them, Seaweeds included a list of addresses and phone numbers of every other person who ordered the same plaques in the past. This is how I was able to contact Mr. Day. 

He has been the primary reason why I know what I do about both the McCracken and the Elusive. He's as sharp as a tack and lives down in  Georgia.


Link:  Click on August 11, 1944 #3