Exterior view of the renovated facade of the Nelson Arena.
Photos by MLB Construction Services, LLC

Interior view of the Pepin Gymnasium. Once an Air Force aircraft hanger, the relocated Memorial Field House at Middlebury College had served as the College's hockey arena, central locker and office facility, and basketball gymnasium since 1949. Nearly a candidate for demolition, the 500 foot long laminated wood arch structure clad with a copper standing seam roof was deemed worthy of renovation and conversion to new uses.

Home to Nelson Arena and Pepin Gymnasium, the Field House now boasts a new "Duke" Nelson Recreation Center featuring a multi-sport urethane floor, a 2,000 square foot climbing wall and a ten-tee golf training center daylighted by a 220 foot long skylight. Pepin Gymnasium, primary venue for men's and women's intercollegiate basketball, has a new wood floor, new lights, new retractable bleachers, a 120 foot long skylight, and a handsome new entry vestibule. All this, including major demolition and substantial mechanical and electrical improvements, was skillfully accomplished by MLB between the College's Reunion Weekend in June and the startup of fall indoor sports and recreation activities in October.

(Note from Russ - it wasn't really an aircraft hanger - it was moved 3 years before the Air Force was there and 5 years before they had an airstrip)