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I have scanned a number of WWII Cruise Books and Ship's Histories in order to preserve the History of the Men who served.  This started as a quest to find a copy of the USS Neshoba-APA 216's cruise book.  I was able to talk a library in Maine to lend me their copy to scan.  Shortly afterwards one of the men from my Dad's ship, Bill Allingham GAVE ME his copy of the book.  

Since then I have been lent a number of Cruise Books and Ship's Histories by collectors, most from Rick and Charles.  I only own one Cruise Book, the Neshoba.  I've had a few others that I picked up relatively cheaply, scanned and then passed on to people connected to the ship-for what I paid plus postage. This is NOT a business.

After scanning the books, I photo-edit them and put them into Adobe PDF format.  The files vary in size from 4 meg for the Gilmore to over 90 meg for the Napa and Lanier.  They also vary in quality due to the quality of the original printing, the ability to scan the pages in tightly bound books (without breaking the bindings) and the use of off white or grey in the original books.  Some are very sharp, others are relatively low quality images.  Some are just Histories that were typed out by Crew or Officers and have no pictures.

I take some liberty when scanning the books, eliminating the blank pages and sometimes combining intro pages that are almost empty onto one page.  Sometimes I "shift" the images around to get the most image per page, but no material is omitted. You can print from the PDF file - using a normal computer printer.

In the past I gave away over 700 CD's - paying all the costs myself, but seeking donations for various organizations.  I now can send a link for downloading.  

With the major cuts in funding due to the Federal tax cuts for the wealthiest, I ask people to donate to organizations that need help (see list below).  It's not voodoo, but with less money coming in, there is less money to trickle down to organizations that need it.  Praise is wonderful, prayers are nice but actual support is much better. 

If you would like a PDF copy of any of the following files, please contact me, but please donate to one of these organizations. 


You will make the check payable to any one of the following:

USS Slater DE 766 a fine restoration of a WWII DE - located in Albany, NY

USO Helping our Active Duty Forces - at a time when they need all the help they can get

TOWVAC (Town of Wallkill Volunteer Ambulance Squad-my local squad)

LST Memorial (LST 325) - the WWII LST that was sailed back from Crete in 2001 by volunteers

USS Cod (SS 224) perhaps the finest restoration from WWII that I have seen


Contact me (Russ Padden) via email for more information if  you are interested.

These are the books that I have scanned so far: (All of the books are from WWII Cruisebooks unless noted).

AH 9        Bountiful

AH 13      Benevolence-History

AH 13      Benevolence

AH 15      Consolation-History

AH 17      Sanctuary-History

ARH 1      Jason

AG 68      Basilan   

AG 73      Belle Isle 

AGC 5     Catoctin

AGC 7     McKinley            1st cruise
AGC 7     McKinley            3rd cruise 1946

AGC 8     Mount Olympus
AGC 9     Wasatch

AGC 10   Auburn

AGC 11   Eldorado

AGC 13     Panamint 
AGC 14    Teton

AGS 16     Maury -   Neptunus Rex 1957
AGS 16     Maury -   Cruise   1952

AHR01     Register - Cruise and repair log 

AK 110     Alkes 

AK 177     Zaurak-new Feb 2016

AKA 2       Procyon
AKA  7      Alcyone

AKA 14     Oberon 

AKA 26     Corvus

AKA 30      Lumen - new Dec 2015

AKA 58      Chara  -  WWII, Korea - Publ 1997

AKA 62     Sheliak

AKA 63     Theenim
AKA 70     Tate 

AKA 74     Lenoir

AKA 80     Tyrell 
AKA 95     Marquette 

AKA 98     Montague - 1953-54 (2nd 'Nam era)

AKA 100  Oglethorpe

AKA 106  Union 1948 Point Barrow (Arctic) Expedition
AKN 1      Indus

AM 128     Velocity 

AM 303     Skirmish 

AN 52        Snowbell

AO 13        Trinity

AP 07        Wharton-new Feb 2016 (1974 published)

AP 21        Wakefield 

AP 22        Mount Vernon

AP 69        Elizabeth Cady Stanton

AP 74        LeJeune 

AP 76        Anne Arundel

AP 105     General George F. Elliot 

AP 111     General A. E. Anderson

AP 112     General W. A. Mann

AP 112     General W. A. Mann - Neptunus Rex 1944

AP 114     Gen Wm. Mitchell  

AP 117     General W. H. Gordon 
AP 120     Admiral W. S. Benson 
AP 121     Admiral W.  L. Capps 
AP 122     Admiral R. E.Coontz 
AP 123     Admiral E. W. Eberle 


AP 134     General R. L. Howze 

AP 137     General S. D. Sturgis 

AP 139     General R. E. Callan
AP 141     General A. W. Greeley

AP 144     General Hodges 

AP 148     General M. L. Hersey

AP 153     General R. M. Blatchford 

AP 154     General Leroy eltinge

AP 166     Comet
AP 173     Herald of the Morning 

APA 2       Harris 
APA 5       Barnett 

APA 10     Harry Lee 

APA 13     Joseph T. Dickman 
APA 16     J Franklin Bell

APA 26     Samuel Chase 

APA 27     Clymer
APA 30     Thomas Jefferson - 2 different

APA 31      Monrovia

APA 35     Calloway 

APA 38     Chilton 1st Cruise Book

APA 38     Chilton  - reunion book - 1990's

APA 38     Chilton - Decommissioning 1972

APA 40     Custer 
APA 48     Leon  

APA 49     Ormsby 

APA 52     Sumter 

APA 53     Warren 

APA 67     Burleson

APA 76     Crenshaw

APA 80     Elkhart

APA 86     USS Geneva - Reunion 1998

APA 91     Adair

APA 92     Alpine 

APA 94     Baxter

APA 97      Dauphin 

APA 98       Dutchess

APA 100     Mendocino 
APA  104   Westmoreland

APA 107     Goodhue 
APA 108     Goshen 

APA 110      Griggs
APA 119     Highlands 
APA 122     Kenton 
APA 125     Lanier 

APA 126    St. Mary's (link to another site)
APA 133     Beckham 

APA 138     Braxton

APA 140    Brookings 

APA 143     Clermont 
APA 146     Collingsworth 

APA 155     Lycoming 
APA 157     Napa 
APA 164     Edgecombe

APA 170     Gosper

APA 174    Jerauld - Commissioning Booklet

APA 175     Karnes
APA 176     Kershaw 
APA 178     Lander 
APA 187     Oconto

APA 188     Olmsted - Magic Carpet Pamphlet

APA  189    Oxford  

APA 190     Pickens 

APA 191     Pondera
APA 193     Sanborn 
APA 202     Menifee 

APA 203     Meriwether
APA 209     Tazewell 
APA 212     Montrose 

APA 213     Mountrail 

APA 214     Natrona - Action Report (not cruisebook)
APA 216     Neshoba

APA 217     New Kent - cruise book - also see link below:

APA 217     New Kent - personal history James L. Machen

APA 218     Noble

APA219     Okaloosa
APA 226 Rawlins

APA 227     Renville 

APA 228  Rockbridge - Operation Crossroads

APA 231     St. Croix
APA 232     SanSaba 

APA 233      Sevier
APD 11     Gilmer 

APD 43/DE 62   George W. Ingram  

APD 134   Kleinsmith - Commisssioning 

AR 6          Ajax

AR 20        Laertes 

ARV 5       Webster

AS12        Sperry 1st Anniversary 1943

AS 26       Clytie (Neptunus Rex) 

AV 5          Albemarle

AV 7         Currituck 1961-1962 Far East Cruise

AV 10       Chandeleur 

AV 14        Kenneth Whiting 

BB 60        Alabama 1936-Neptunus Rex
CL 57        Montpelier

DDR 875  HW Tucker  1958

LCI 542

LSM 148 - 
LSM 352 -

LST 289 
LST 491 

LST 471-

LST 511

LST 588- "in WWII" and reunion book 1986

LST 946 Fort Defiance

Amphibious Group 13 - 1945



Looking for Cruise Books I haven't scanned?  


APD 94  John Q. Roberts is on this site and also available from

LST 530 692 and 925 are available on and

AP 102 LaSalle is available on  - along with thousands of others.


There is a former Navy Guy who has scanned a large number of Cruise Books (I still almost exclusively scan Amphib and Transport books). 


His CD prices are reasonable considering the amount of work that goes into finding, scanning, editing, formatting etc...


His CD's have background music, an index and other features that I don't include on my CD's. He uses a program which translates the images to a proprietary format - to get prints of pages, you can do print screens. For higher resolution prints you can buy prints of specific pages or prints of the whole book from him. 

He also sells art prints and other items of interest. 



I can give references from the guys who have lent me their books to scan.



The ones listed below are known to exist, but I have never seen them

32 Calvert
115 Hampton
45 Henrico
90 OHara

APA Continued:

105 Shelby

153 Laurens 
229 Rockingham
206 Sibley

AKA 32 Mellena (I have partial scans)

APD 94 John Q. Roberts (see above)

LSM 149

LSM 267

LST  352, 349, 533, 831

APA 18     President Jackson post war compilation