Bill Murphy Thursday, 8/2/01, 1:57 PM
Started boots on Jan.7,1945. Finished up the at SM school Aug 13,45. Served in the pacific aboard LCI 532,till is was decomm'ed in San Diego in June of 46. Was company bugler at boot camp also. really like the web site
From: brooksville, Florida
E-mail: bemurf@gateway.net
ben lo cicero Tuesday, 7/31/01, 6:11 PM
From: benywood new york
Web Site: blocicer
joe devine Tuesday, 7/31/01, 7:46 AM
boot camp at sampson ny. 3/31/43 to 6/1/43 spent the next 30 months on the DESTROYER USS MAC KENZIE DD614 GOT OUT OF NAVY 2/8/46 JOE DEVINE
From: phila. pa.
E-mail: macdd614@yahoo.com
Wilson E. Williams Sunday, 7/29/01, 12:40 PM
Today (7/29/01)I met Richard Martin, who I found out belonged to the Sampson WW2 Navy Vets. He was at the flea market here in Oak Hill and also lives just up the street from me. We talked for some time about Sampson. I was in Sampson for Boot training in the Fall of 44, and was reminded ofit by Ralph C. Jones, EMC USN (Ret) whos letter appeared in a copy of the magazine Dick let me have. (Page 16; Vol. 13, No 4, December l, 2000) when he mentioned being rousted out of the rack to shovel snow in Rochester for the railroad. I too was in that detail. COLDER THAN A WITCHES well you know. I will be sendingin my dues as soon as I can. really enjoyed the letters from the other Vets. I don't have any records of my time at Sampson as I lost a lot of paperwork to a flood in NY. Looking forward to more news, I remain shipmate Bill Williams USN 910 57 35
From: Oak Hill, Fl. 32759
E-mail: tworoos@ucnsb.net
Ray Houghtaling Monday, 7/23/01, 7:11 PM
Visted your fine museum while staying at Sampson State Park. It is very nice. I didn't know it when I was there but my father was discharged from Sampson at the end of the war. He was on the USS Bassett APD73, they picked up 152 survivors from the USS Indianapolis. If anyone was on any of the rescue ships he would love to here from you. He is chairman of the APD organization and have members from other rescue ships. You can contact him apd73@webtv.net I was on DD706 USS Gainard during the one we lost.
From: Cairo, N.Y.
E-mail: rayhough@mhonline.net
Jack Driscoll Monday, 7/23/01, 9:47 AM
At Sampson july 10th 44 D unit Company # unknown was sent to camp Perry Va after boot then to Calif was assigned to the apa uss pitt til 46 trying to find my co number thanks Jack D
From: Pokipsie /Bronx
Web Site: papad713@aol
Steve Burry Sunday, 7/22/01, 1:33 PM
From: Eagleville,PA
E-mail: RRustee@aol.com
RobertMartin EmigNew Jersey Friday, 7/20/01, 11:48 AM
Went through boots from Nov 1943 in G Unit.F Unit had opened and had spinal a meningitest outbreak. Went to Q area for an operation and left Sampson for U of Chicago signal school. First ship DE 679 the Greenwood. Returned from Pacific and went aboard APA 199 the USS Magaffon. Was a plank owner on both ships. Last invasion was Okanawa.
From: New Jersey
E-mail: n1re@msn.com
Carolyn Vasquez Thursday, 7/19/01, 8:31 PM
My father is Rene Croteau of Berlin NH (in the 40s). He went through Sampson towards the end of the War and ended up on the USS Osberg (Destroyer Escort). He's 75 and still kicking if there's anybody out there who remembers him. It's great that this web site is here. I'm grateful for it.
E-mail: CarolynVasquez@email.msn.com
Jim MacDougall Thursday, 7/19/01, 1:05 PM
I was not in the Navy and took basic training for the Air Force in October of 1950. You have done a wonderful job on this web site - congratulations. Jim MacDougall
From: New Bern, NC
E-mail: jimmac@new bernnc.com
Alfred Carlo Jr. Thursday, 7/19/01, 11:22 AM
Hello, My Dad was at Sampson for boot camp in 1943. He tells me he spent 6 months there and was then shipped to Pensacola, Fl. where he worked on the PBY Catalina flying boats. He spent the balance of the War in Pensacola. Dads name is Alfredo Carlo and is 89 years old and still kicking. He was 31 years old when he was drafted.
From: Highland, NY
E-mail: alfred.carlo@att.net
Phil MacMichael Sunday, 7/15/01, 8:18 PM
Just browsing. Will visit soon for first time.
From: Scio, N.Y.
E-mail: philmacm@aol.com
Joseph Martin Saturday, 7/14/01, 1:43 PM
Arrived Sampson July 1944. Group picture of Co. 150 taken 8/23/44. Tranferred to Seabees @ Davisville RI. Assigned to newly formed 144th NCB. Troop train to Hueneme then shipped out to Pacific aboard USS General Harry Taylor. Ended up on Guam. Any one out there from Co. 150 or 144th?
From: Groton, NY
E-mail: Joe70223@aol.com
Gordon Blanchard Friday, 7/13/01, 5:00 PM
a great web sit. enjoyed very much. i am a member and always will be. took boots in sept. 1943. thanks for all that has been done keeping sampson a live. gordon blanchard lst285
From: 3361 coykendall, rd. watkins ny 14891
E-mail: lst285@cs.com
Ralph F. Nicolia Friday, 7/13/01, 2:36 AM
Have visited this sight many times and was at Sampsonin aug to nov 1944 Dewey unit co. 241 would like to hear from anyone that was in our co.part of our co. went on to CA and was assigned to the USS Norton Sound.
From: Lancaster, Ohio, Then
E-mail: rfnicolia@1st.net
William M. Rose Thursday, 7/12/01, 2:40 PM
I really enjoy the web site at Sampson. I served with the U. S navy Submarine service after leaving Sampson. I was stationed on the USS Pomfret SS 391 and the Grampus SS523 during Korea.
From: San Angelo, TX 76906
E-mail: billrose@wcc.net
William Truax Wednesday, 7/11/01, 7:46 PM
My Dad was at Sampson for basic traning during world war 2 He passed away in 1993. He was in company 116 and grauduated on July 22 1943.
From: St.Petersburg,Fl.
E-mail: Bat269@aol.com
Harry Allston Saturday, 7/7/01, 11:25 AM
Got to thinking, gave no info. Was at Sampson from Jan/3/44 to Mar ???/44. Assigned to LCT 1019. (ETO) and LCT 647 (PTO). Any one out there ???
From: Reedley, CA
E-mail: allnavy@juno.com
Harry Allston Saturday, 7/7/01, 11:20 AM
Been here before. Just wanted to 'touch base' again. Thanks for the web site. Harry
From: Reedley, CA (Phila. PA)
E-mail: allnavy@juno.com
  Friday, 7/6/01, 5:18 PM
Do you not have a new Chaplin?
RAYMOND HAMMOND Wednesday, 7/4/01, 5:26 AM
From: CONN.
Leo D. Stapleton Sunday, 7/1/01, 11:19 AM
Enjoy the site very much. Seeking anyone who arrived in Sampson, 11/1/44, C Unit, Company 118.
From: South Boston, Ma.
E-mail: ldstapey@aol.com
Leo D. Stapleton Sunday, 7/1/01, 11:18 AM
From: South Boston, Ma.
E-mail: ldstapey@aol.com
Theodore E Lewis Thursday, 6/28/01, 7:28 PM
One of these days I'm going to make it back to Sampson !
From: Severna Park, Md
E-mail: lewiste@aol.com
Frank J. Cole Thursday, 6/28/01, 6:35 PM
From: Rockville, MD
Walter Raney USN Ret Thursday, 6/28/01, 9:47 AM
I found this site through NTC Bainbridge site. Excellent site.
From: Orlando, Fl 32817-1713
E-mail: Wraney1`066@aol.com
Peter P. Loupe Tuesday, 6/26/01, 11:21 AM
Was at Sampson in 1943, Company 239, Unit D. Sent to Oran Naval Base in Algeria. Crane operator, Whse 3 there from 1943 to 1945. Orginally from North East, Pa now living in Florida. Looking to hear from anyone who might have served in these areas.
From: Ft. Pierce, FL
E-mail: roshlee1@yahoo.com
Hal Friedberg Sunday, 6/24/01, 2:06 PM
Was in boot camp July 45 Missed 3in 50 shell broke my toe anybody rember that in C co.upper barracks After was on fire Dept. on base
From: Then Bronx N.Y.
Web Site: hal Friedberg
E-mail: hal4873@juno.com
Emmett Baker Sunday, 6/24/01, 11:14 AM
I enlisted in the Navy in Feb. 1944 and went to Sampson for boot training. Afterwards I attended Signalman's School and graduated as SM3/c. From there went to Noroton Heights, CT and on to San Jose, CA. Left there in Jan. 1945 for Ulithi where I remained until Oct. 1945. I was a Signalman on the Islet of Sorlen. After that I transferred to Guam and became a member of the crew of the USS Stockdale, DE399. Your site brings back many memories. You are doing a fine job. Congratulations.
From: Kingston, MA.
Web Site: ULITHI
E-mail: ebb26@webtv.net
Everett Jones Tuesday, 6/19/01, 1:06 PM
I am a Sampson member. Served Jan-Feb 1944 Co.205 I belive.Visited 2 yearsago in June and got the Royal Treatment and guided tour.All of you at the base have done a great job and as i read the newsletter you get better and better. Hopeto return soon.
From: Hollywood,Fl
E-mail: Jagjones @aol.com
Richard E. Thomas Tuesday, 6/19/01, 8:15 AM
Sampson boot camp from June 1945 to Aug 8/45. Company D 275. Have company picture which is in excellent condition, but has no names on it. Would like to hear from shipmates. Later served on Uss Astoria CL90 after short hitch on USS Wasatch AGC9 Visited Sampson Naval museum last week. Wonderful experience.
From: Winston-Salem NC
Web Site: REThomas
E-mail: REThomas@hullnumber.com
Stanley E Cohick Monday, 6/18/01, 7:25 AM
Had Basic training at Sampson,N.Y. 4/93 went overseas on on board LST after 18 MO. came back went to Newport,Rhode IS, was assigned to USS Tortuga LSD. 26, commissioned New,went through the Panama canal and went to Okinawa and got into worst typhoon of History in 1945.Stanley Cohick
From: Carlisle, PA. 17013
E-mail: secohick@aol.com
Robert J. Smith Saturday, 6/16/01, 1:11 PM
Awesome Web Site. Lot of planning and hard work. Congratulations and well done. The accomplishments by the members in the last 14 years is unbelievable. Who said it couldn't be done. Thank you. It's an honor to be a member of such a great Organization. I wear my hat with pride.
From: Geneva, New York
E-mail: bobiej46@seneca.net
David G. Levesque Thursday, 6/14/01, 6:41 PM
I'm a native of Nashua N.H. and my Boot camp days were Sampson, March 1945. To this day I believe the A-Bomb is the reason I'm alive today. I've never kept up with information about Sampson other then hear the Air Force took over after the Navy left. The reason I'm aware of it now is NMA Newsletter on the Convention in August in that neck of the woods. I've lost every connection with boot camp (group picture) the three Nashua friends I went to camp with, all deceased now. I gave the good old Navy 21 + years after retiring got sand in my sneakers and gave the Merchant Marines 6 more years as an AB. Is their any where I could get information on time an individual spent, a roster or something in boot camp. Any info.. would be appreciated. Thanks shipmates. DGL (Jerry)
From: Lakewood, CA.
E-mail: davidlevesque01@mediaone.net
Steve Bull Thursday, 6/14/01, 7:57 AM
Just checking on the great job Jake Rilling has done.
From: Sampson Navy Museum
Web Site: lst848@aol.com
E-mail: lst848@aol.com
Don Hall Wednesday, 6/13/01, 9:04 AM
Great Site
From: Boca ,FL
E-mail: tkhall@aol.com
Irv Burstein Sunday, 6/10/01, 3:43 PM
Went to Sampson July 1944 untill Sept.1944 then to Davisville, R.I. for crash course in morse code. Then to Phila. Pa.aboard the USS Antietam CV-36 of which I am a plank owner. I am a member of the USS Antietam Association. I do not remember unit or company number while at Sampson. Hope someone can help me out.
From: Bronx,N.Y.
E-mail: ICBurst@aol.com
George E. Bassett Friday, 6/8/01, 8:07 PM
My father Geroge N. Bassett went to boot camp at Sampson, and was a member of your group until passing away. I was born at the Navel Hospital at Sampson in June '44. I now live about 4 miles away but have spent 20 years roaming the world for the US Coast Guard. Good job on both the base and the web site.
From: Romulus, New York
Web Site: George's place in cyberspace
E-mail: george@geb.cc
John driscoll Thursday, 6/7/01, 1:46 PM
At sampson in 44 july i think d unit do not remember co number could use some help thanks
From: Poughkeepsie N Y
E-mail: papad713@aol.com
john Thursday, 6/7/01, 12:33 PM
From: new jersey
E-mail: tomali@snip.net
helen purcell Saturday, 6/2/01, 6:20 AM
you've done a great job. you should be very proud of your work.
From: new jersey
E-mail: hpurcell@netzero.net
George E Boddy Thursday, 5/31/01, 9:35 PM
Iam a member of WW2 Sampson Vets Unit G Co 508 Sept.1943 and was just surfing the DESA web site as I am a member of that also. Was sent to EM school in Saint Louis,MO for 16 weeks and served on the USS McConnell DE163 in the Pacific. We escorted carriers most of the time. Was in on the surrender of Mille that took place aboard the USS LEVY DE162 and the surrender of Jaluit was signed on the Mcconnell in the Marshall Ilsands. I havent gone through this whole web site yet but so far have really enjoyed it so far. Hope to see a lot more sign in.
From: North Tonawanda, NY
E-mail: Gboddy4@cs.com OR BoddyG@aol.com
Jack Pfaff Wednesday, 5/30/01, 5:03 PM
Member of USNTC Bainbridge Assoc. Was browsing our website and came across info on Sampson. Several of my high school buddies and I enlisted in the Navy in June 1945. Some went to Bainbridge and some to Sampson.
From: Murrysville, PA
E-mail: pfaffjghj@msn.com
Irv Walter Tuesday, 5/29/01, 1:04 PM
From: Palmyra, NY
Web Site: Drumlin ARC
E-mail: wa2sok@rochester.rr.com
Louis Williams Monday, 5/28/01, 4:47 PM
I signed in some time ago.I forgot I went thru Sampson in 1943.I donot remember our groop number.I sure would like to have it. Can you let me know if you have it. Thank you.
From: Wilmington, DE.
E-mail: tugboatlou@aol.com
Burt Erickson Nelson Thursday, 5/24/01, 7:16 AM
I was a member of Callahan's Country Club (C-Unit) at Sampson in May 45 to July. Was stevedoring at the Newport News yards when the bomb was dropped, but just a few weeks later was shipped out aboard the Albemarle for Hawaii. This converted seaplane tender, however, did the near impossible, and ran aground in the Gaillard Cut in the Panama Canal and so instead of beautiful Hawaii, 2000 sad swabbies were transferred to the USS Pope at TI and shipped off to Calicoan, in the Philippines for 9 months!
From: Hamburg, N.Y.
E-mail: bnelson@buffnews.com
George Klimcsak Wednesday, 5/23/01, 3:02 PM
I am a recent member had my first Spring Meeting WW 2 Navy Veterans on April 14 at the Earle Naval Depot in Colts Neck NJ. It was such a surprise to meet my Boatsman Mate Al Duncan at the Lunchen. We had been statioed on LCI 791 at Okinawa in 1945. I had just arrived on Okinawa after finishing Boot Camp at Sampson and this was my first assignment. We chatted all afternoon and it was a joy seeing Him once again.
From: East Brunswick, NJ
E-mail: Klimy@world net.att.net
Erick Lagerberg Sunday, 5/20/01, 12:41 PM
Hi.I am a member of the Bainbridge association,but I had a good friend,Richard Ryan of Dayville Ct.He was a member of the Sampson Naval Veterans in Sampson NY We walked alot together,beong ex Navy vets.Got to be good friends.He passed away Nov 2nd 2000. After reading about your site,I can see why he took pride in talking about it often. Thanks. Erick
From: Ct
E-mail: lagy@snet.net
JOHN LAVEZZO Saturday, 5/12/01, 6:35 PM
Richard A Heroux Saturday, 5/12/01, 3:21 PM
My brother donald J Heroux Jr. went through boot camp at Sampson in the 40's
From: Bremerton WA
E-mail: sheroux@hotmail .com