Marty Beatty Sunday, 6/25/00, 11:07 AM
Researching for my Dad, Lyman "Lem" Beatty, who trained at Sampson.
From: Washington, NJ
E-mail: beatty@warrennet.org
Lorenzo P. Benjamin Saturday, 6/24/00, 5:54 PM
Took "boots" at Sampson in April, 1943
From: Lompoc, CA
E-mail: durellben@earthlink.net
john uszynski Saturday, 6/24/00, 3:47 PM
1942 G-unit company 514 sampson
From: paterson n.j.
E-mail: annjon@dellnet.com
HARRY ALLSTON Saturday, 6/24/00, 2:02 PM
Stopping by to say hello. Served at Sampson from 12/30/43 to ???????? Was only there for about 5/6 weeks. Do not know unit, company etc. Great site.
Robert P McBride Saturday, 6/24/00, 7:54 AM
Went to Sampson about 4th of July 1944 on train from Richmond Va. Took bus from Hampton Va to Richmond along with about 35 others, many of us who had worked in shipyard. We were unable to go to Camp Perry as they were full so we were sent to "where the heck is that place". Think most of us ended up in D unit. would like to hear from any of you. Great web site and great museum.
From: Hampton Va
E-mail: maceddi@juno.com
edward gross Friday, 6/23/00, 5:45 PM
entered sampson january 7,1943 had 16 weeks em school at sampson
From: philadelphia pa
E-mail: edfgross@netzero.net
Eva Knapp (wife of Robert) Friday, 6/23/00, 6:37 AM
Robert W. Knapp was in "class" 252 at Sampston September 1944. We are looking for a "class picture" for our website. I think it is great that you all are doing this work so that the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can know the answer to "What did you do in the war, Grandpa?"
From: Hernando County, Florida
E-mail: eknapp@ij.net
Joe Smith Thursday, 6/22/00, 2:13 PM
Sampson Sailors: I have an excellent copy of my Father's Company photograph. It's Company 584, dated 10 June 1943. If anyone would like a copy please let me have your name and address via this E-Mail address. With reverence & respect, Joe Smith
From: Wolcott, CT
E-mail: jes.wolcott.finance@snet.net
Joe Smith Thursday, 6/22/00, 2:05 PM
George Berry Wednesday, 6/21/00, 12:58 PM
Would like to enter chat room to check out old friends.
From: Summerville ,SC 29483
E-mail: Kelclin@aol.com
George H. BerrySummerville Tuesday, 6/20/00, 7:15 PM
Want to be able to get into chat room so that I may be able to find some one who was there in 1944 around May. I beleive it was in D barracks. Some one who left there and trained in Lido Beach Long Island then went on HMS Empire Mace thru the Panama Canal to Bora Bora and on to New Gueina Milne Bay. Please send EMail to Kelclin@aol.com would appreciate any information. Thank You
From: Summerville, SC 29483
E-mail: Kelclin@aol.com
Harry M Hutchinson Tuesday, 6/20/00, 5:52 AM
service Snag56(Base Hospital #12 Netley England) USS Navaro APA 215 USS Thomas Jefferson APA 30
From: Pennsylvania & West Virgina
E-mail: Snag56@intrepid.
Michael W. Deery Monday, 6/19/00, 7:48 PM
I am very happy with the SAmpson website. I will forward my tour of duty in a few days. I was in Company 101, C-unit. I arrived at Sampson on January 25, 1943.
From: Gladstone, Mo.
E-mail: MikeDeery@aol.com
gordon blanchard Saturday, 6/17/00, 5:31 PM
i like your site very much.all have done a fantistick job. keep up the good work. gordon lst285
From: watkins glen, ny.
E-mail: lst285@cs.com
Daniel B Wise Saturday, 6/17/00, 3:51 PM
From: Las Cruces NM
E-mail: DBWISE@prodigy.net
V GERALD BONNER Saturday, 6/17/00, 3:31 PM
I took my boots at sampson in 42 from there to alabama radio school. Then to the pacific for the rest of ww 2
E-mail: tmstr1@juno.com
Paul W. Berning Thursday, 6/15/00, 3:21 PM
Was anyone out there on the USS Colonial LSD-18 ?
From: Cincinnati then, San Diego now
E-mail: pbern1234@aol.com
john Thursday, 6/15/00, 2:50 PM
I was on the U.S.S. Bullwheel did any body know who else who did duty on her thanks john
From: nj
E-mail: tomali@snip.net
George Fink Thursday, 6/15/00, 1:44 PM
I like your website a lot.I am a member of Sampson Vets,also Seebee Vets of America.
From: Iselin,N>J>
E-mail: wingeo2
Jack myers Thursday, 6/15/00, 5:39 AM
I was at Sampson 7-8-45 to 09-24-45,class 184, barracks C-21.I was wondering if there are ant members from that class? I don't remember any group picture. The news letter is great and this web sight I enjoy. Keep up the great work all of you are doing. I wish I lived closer so I could help.
From: Kokomo In.
E-mail: jmyers1064@aol.com
Larry Gillin Wednesday, 6/14/00, 1:54 PM
Sampson boot camp March til May 43 unit G company 569. Radio operator's school at Sampson, graduated with 3rd class p.o rating. Served in Argus Unit 29 then to SPS training in DC. Shipped out July 44 to Pearl and served aboard USS Richard S Bull DE402 as Radio Operator 2/c and 1/c. Ship engaged in major battles from Leyte, Luzon, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Survived those and two major typhoons. Disembarked at San Diego and discharged in Nov 45. Hey Stephen Bull, if you read this let me know if you are related to Richard S. Bull. He was a Navy pilot and went down during the battle of Midway. Our DE bore his name.
From: Cherry Hill NJ
E-mail: nereida@snip.net
John D Clark Tuesday, 6/13/00, 6:16 PM
Arrived Sampson November 1943 and left February 1944.Sent to Harvard University in the V-12 program.Discharged June 1946.
From: Nashua New Hampshire
E-mail: JJC1949@aol.comArrived Sampson November 1943
Linwood Lowell Tuesday, 6/13/00, 3:32 PM
Enjoyed reading notes & messages Hope to be at reunion in Sept.
From: Mendon Ma. 01756
E-mail: dlow3569@aol.com
Daniel Cole Tuesday, 6/13/00, 11:34 AM
Keep up the good WORK! Was at Sampson 10/13/43 in D- unit d-10 Photo Mate 2/c Spent time at Pearl- photo lab up on the hill. Photo lab on Guam Time in Tokyo photographing bomb damage area 160 square miles. about 21 days sea duty, most time was in the air. Should have stayed IN!
From: Fulton NY
E-mail: Dancarol@bridgemicro.com
Daniel Cole Tuesday, 6/13/00, 11:26 AM
Keep up the good WORK!
From: Fulton NY
E-mail: Dancarol@bridgemicro.com
Joseph e. Jacoby Monday, 6/12/00, 10:15 AM
Whatever happened to the Sampson Keepsake Book?
From: Hamilton,Ohio
E-mail: Gunpaj@cs,com
Richard Sowers Sunday, 6/11/00, 10:21 AM
I am a member of the Sampson sailor family and i wish to express my sincere sympathy to our President Steve Bull in the loss of his dear wife,Elaine.God bless you Steve.I was hoping I could make the reunion but other obligations will not permit,but one day soon I will get there. Dick Sowers Callahan C-112 L6 Entered March 23 1945 Graduated 10 weeks later.Best marching & physical penet winners.May the Sun be always upon your face and the wind forever at your back.
From: Richwood,NJ
E-mail: MTB314@aol.com
Patrick J. Doyle Sr. Sunday, 6/11/00, 9:11 AM
Just wondering if any of the boots that went through SAMPSON with my Father are still alive and well? I don't know the exact company or year he was there? but his name was THOMAS F. DOYLE (PAPPY) as he was in his mid or late Thirties when he went through SAMPSON. He served in the Pacific WWII. I remember him talking about a crew member named GUNNER DYER from MICHIGAN.( I'm not sure but think they served on a sea going barge used for rest area for pilots and carring fuel.)The barge was distroyed in a Typhoon in Leyte gulf along withmany other ships.
From: Whitman, MA
E-mail: patdoyle@mediaone.net
tony mongillo Sunday, 6/11/00, 8:34 AM
I was in the Navy from 1943-1946..I served aboard the USS Nassau (CVE16), USS Dobbin(destroyer tender) and the USS Grasp(salvage ship)and served in the South Pacific and the Phillipine Islands..I was a Radiomen 3rd class upon my discharge... My service name was Anthony Tony Mongillo..
From: oneonta, n.y. 13820
Web Site: don't have one
E-mail: mongillo@dmcom.net
norman andersen Saturday, 6/10/00, 6:56 AM
i've signed in before hoping to hear from someone who was in "e-313" during march/april 1944. many of us were "volunteered" to go to hospital corps school in san diego,to replace the corpsman casualties. i'm now living in hillsborough, nj, originally from newark, nj
E-mail: bassen2@erols.com
Art Schwacke Friday, 6/9/00, 12:43 PM
This should have been added to my previous message. I guess I had a senior moment. While at Sampson I was in Gilmor Unit--G-9-U. Company 519. I arrived at Sampson on Oct.23, 1944.
From: Oakland, N.J.
Art Schwacke,SM3/c Friday, 6/9/00, 12:33 PM
Very nice web site. I am a member of the WWII Sampson Navy vets. I was at boot camp in October,1944. After boot leave I returned and went to Signalman School. Does anyone remember the winter of44? After school I was assigned to the Pacfic fleet where I was when the war ended.
From: Oakland, New Jersey
E-mail: ljs-ahs@webtv.net
JOHN DRISCOLL Friday, 6/9/00, 4:54 AM
E-mail: PAPAD713@AOL.COM
Jim Kelly Thursday, 6/8/00, 8:54 PM
Cite is getting better all the time.Keep up the good work Jake'See you at the Reunion.
From: Middlesex,N.Y.
E-mail: jkellyb@localnet.com
Lawrence Bruce Thursday, 6/8/00, 7:14 AM
I was at sompson from jan 4 1945 to july 3 46 my job on that date was to put the padlock on the front gate
From: Rochester NY
E-mail: lbruce@rochester.rr.com
Janet M. Pimental Wednesday, 6/7/00, 11:42 PM
I just received my newsletter today and I am so excited about this site. My Dad trained at this base and I'm quite sure that if he was alive today, we would be driving up there to visit. I have e- mailed this site information to my family members. I served in the Navy from 7/59 through 7/62. I was at 90 Curch St, NYC until the Cuban crisis and then we were transferred to the Naval Examining Center, Glakes,Ill, to fill billets for the sailors that were sent into the Fleet during the crisis. I am so happy to be a part of both eras. I am an Auxliiary member as I am the daughter of a WW2Vet and of cause I was on active duty during the Cuban crisis. I will send more information about my late dad at another time. Sincerely, Janet M. Pimental 903- 17-94W
From: Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871
E-mail: janp409@excite.com
Bob Evans Wednesday, 6/7/00, 10:34 PM
Great Site, brings back many great meomories.. Went thru Sampson June 1944-August 1944, E unit, Co. 368...played in Drum & Bugle Corps, while in OGU spent a week working in Tomato Cannery in Brockport, attended Radio Schol at Northwestern Univ and then onto to the USS Vogelgesang (DD862), discharged in '46, recalled in '51, served on USS Adirondack (AGC15), USS Shangri-La (CV38)and BOSGRPLANTRESFLT. Been back to Sampson a couple of times prior to the Museum opening, hope to get back soon, hear great things about it.....Will be joining up shortly...
From: Marblehead, MA
E-mail: CV15862@aol
rpbarry Tuesday, 6/6/00, 4:13 PM
really a great site, thanks for the memories..... keep on course...Maybe someone OUT THERE was on the ARD 19 IN luzon,the phillipines in 1945
From: uxbridge ma.
E-mail: rpbarry@mindspring.com
Thomas L. Garrett Tuesday, 6/6/00, 8:10 AM
Sampson Navy Veteran E Unit Company 360 WW-2
From: Carthage, NY
E-mail: reneeg@gateway.net
Richard E. Richardson Friday, 6/2/00, 2:49 PM
I'm enjoying surfing through your web site. I still have more to look at. I'll save this as one of "Me Favorites" for future reference. I'm a former USS LSM 448 sailor, EN1 (1954-1962). Keep up the good work and I'll be looking for more good information on your web site! A job well done!!!
From: Norfolk, NE. 68701
E-mail: rer@cableone.net
Everett T. Buckley Friday, 6/2/00, 2:02 PM
I am a member of Sampson WW2 Vets #4032.At Sampson July - Oct 45 Company 460 F Unit F-9-Upper.Looking forward to visiting this summer.Would like to hear from any one from Co 460 July-Oct 45
From: Salem,ma.
E-mail: cabmebky@aol.com
JOHN LAVEZZO Tuesday, 5/30/00, 8:01 PM
JOHN LAVEZZO Tuesday, 5/30/00, 7:57 PM
al "chip" sosienski Tuesday, 5/30/00, 4:35 PM
would like to hear from someone that was in Callahan Unit Co.139.I was there in March of 1944
From: wilmington,Delaware
Web Site: Aasosienski
E-mail: aasosienski@aol.com
HARRY aLLSTON Tuesday, 5/30/00, 2:54 PM
Irving Walter Tuesday, 5/30/00, 6:02 AM
From: Palmyra, NY
E-mail: wa2sok@rochester.rr.com
David B. Welker Monday, 5/29/00, 1:41 PM
Just visited the museum, hope it continues to grow and serve it's valuable purpose...
From: Farmington NY
E-mail: welker@frontiernet.net
john thompson Sunday, 5/28/00, 5:39 AM
i was a boot in dewey unit in 1945 i am a member of the the navy veterans inc. my wife and i visited the mus
From: pittsburgh, pa.
E-mail: wb3fyp@earthlink.net
steve bull Sunday, 5/28/00, 5:19 AM
Sampson Memorial Museum opened yesterday 5/27/00 for the summer season. Over 100 guest visited the museum.Tonight 8 museum guides will have a dinner at uncle Joes to kick off the summer season.
From: Sampson Museum
Web Site: aol
E-mail: lst848
R.F. NICOLIA Tuesday, 5/23/00, 3:51 AM
From: OHIO
Web Site: PENNY
E-mail: rfnicolia@1st.NET.