Calvin Cooper Saturday, 3/11/00, 2:25 PM
Any Submariners from SubDiv282?? Also I went to bootcamp at Newport,RI in 43. Good health to all Cal Cooper Barracuda Appollo Gunnell
From: Connecticut
E-mail: gpopgmom@webtv.net
GERALD E. MOSTEK Saturday, 3/11/00, 1:12 PM
I was at Sampson Oct,Nov, Dec, of 43. I was in G unit, lower deck of barracks I forget the no. one incident stands out, we went out on the grinder, in undress whites, no pea coats, the whole co. of 100men 99 went to sickbay with 100+ temp. Did anyone else remember this If so write me my Email address is dp53sqd@frontiernet.net and tell me what barraks I was in.
E-mail: dp53sqd@frontiernet.net
Joan MacEdward(Twietmeyer) Saturday, 3/11/00, 5:31 AM
My father trained at this base and I am glad to see that it has been restored He is a member there. He likes to visit and is VERY PROUD of what has been done.
From: North Rose
E-mail: j9388@zlink.net
Arnold E. Fountain Friday, 3/10/00, 5:11 PM
My First Visit, I'm still Looking............. Co. 513 G8U Aug 3, '45 + Ten Weeks!
From: Baileyville (Woodland), ME 04694
E-mail: arnie@midmaine.com
Merlin F. Blakley Wednesday, 3/8/00, 6:33 PM
I was real pleased to find such a complete web-site available to us old vets.
From: Rochester, NY
E-mail: blakes93@frontiernet.net
Martin Elliott Wednesday, 3/8/00, 6:26 PM
I signed in earlier but realize that this is an anniversay day for me so would like to share it 55 yrs ago today I reported to Sampson for boots we graduated in May I was in Company453 went to gulfport Miss. for school then to San Diego Ca. then to sea on a escort carrier the USS Chenango CVE 28, was discharged from the Fargo Barracks in Boston in May or June of 1946, would like to hear from anyone that was at Sampson or served on the Chenango
From: Adams Center, NY formerly NH
E-mail: k2bhd@gisco.net
Martin Elliott Wednesday, 3/8/00, 4:39 PM
Just got my Sampson newletter and found out about the web papge glad to be aware of it My card # is 1438 haven't made a reunion in a few years due to health but would like to if I can Thanks to all the people who have helped with the museum hope to see it this summer.
From: Adams Center NY
E-mail: k2bhd@gisco.net
Jack Held, LSM 174 Wednesday, 3/8/00, 7:30 AM
Currently in charge of restoring LSM 45 which was brought "back home" from Greece. Love your site. If we can be of any help with the history of LSM 45 for you dictionary, let us know. Jack and Judy Held.
From: Omaha, Nebraska
E-mail: judyheld@prodigy.net
Max Miller Tuesday, 3/7/00, 6:00 PM
Thanks forthe page. I went through boots at San Deigo, August 1943, discharged Naval Air Station, Memphis, 1946 Did most of my time on Destroyer Escorts Le Hardy DE 20, and Whitman DE 24. Also USS Dade APA 99.
From: Burlison Tennessee (Memphis area)
E-mail: maxrmiller@aol.com
Sylvester A. Lingeman Tuesday, 3/7/00, 3:42 PM
I served aboard an ATF from 44 to 46. USS Kiowa #72 - I belong to an organization called NAFTS and they publish a booklet every second month. It stands for National Association of Fleet Tub Sailors. All ATF's were named after Indians and were in 205 foot class. I went through Camp Greenbay at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. It's always interesting to hear about other groups. Thanks SAL RM3/c
From: Detroit, Mi.
Web Site: None
E-mail: ramrod49@hotmail.com
fred hodgkinson Tuesday, 3/7/00, 12:34 PM
was in co 517 g unit 11/30/42.is there any one out there from that co. ?
From: conover , n.c.
E-mail: frh@conninc.com
Robert B. Allen Tuesday, 3/7/00, 11:01 AM
Went through boots in July 1943. I was in G555..Spent four weeks in boot camp,went home for a weeks leave,came back to Sampson in OGU and then shipped out to Philadelphia Navy Yard . Was assigned to two different ships. I think they [Navy] flipped a coin and I ended up on the USS FREMONT APA 44 .Put it in commission 23 November 1943. If any body is out there that served aboard her I would love to hear from you. Thanks Bosnbob
From: Syracuse, N.Y.
E-mail: Bosnbob@compuserve.com
George Devereaux Monday, 3/6/00, 12:31 PM
Thanks for telling me of this web site. I went through Signalman School in fall and winter of '44. Formerly from northern Illinois, moved to Florida in '60.
From: Bradenton, FL
E-mail: GDev2@aol.com
Arthur J. Luchan Monday, 3/6/00, 12:25 PM
Dear Shipmates, I served my "Boot" at Sampson, NY in January 1944. I recall carrying that seabag on my shoulder as I trekked across the muddy field looking for my company's hut. It was cold and Lake Seneca was right there. We ran three miles twice a week and I met some nice fellows there. I went to Bainbridge NTS for Signalman training and from there I went to serve aboard a very lucky ship the USS Bogue CVE-9 and made some awesome history. You can see my ship at the Homepage I created to find my shipmates. I would appreciate it if you men at Sampson can help me remember the number of my company at Sampson. I would love to have the roster of men who served with me at Sampson. Let me hear from anyone who knows me. Thanks for this opportunity. I am a Life-member of ECSAA and a member of my Ship's Reunion Association.
From: Brooklyn during WWII/ Merrick, NY
Web Site: USS Bogue CVE-9
E-mail: aluchan@HOFLINK.com
howard humphrey Sunday, 3/5/00, 9:33 AM
Was a bootcamp member in 1943 at sampson
From: foley,al 36535
Web Site: holith
E-mail: holith@gulftel.com
G.E. MOSTEK Saturday, 3/4/00, 8:19 PM
E-mail: dp53sqd@frontiernet.net
HARRY J. ALLSTON Thursday, 3/2/00, 3:15 PM
From: <ALLNAVY@juno.com> I entered the Navy on 12/30/1943 and was sent to Sampson Naval Training Station. On or about 2/2/44 I was assigned to LCT 001 at Camp Bradford, VA for training. Was then assigned to LCT 1019 and shipped, via LST, to Oran, Africa where we were 'dumped' in the Mediterrian. Trained in Algeirs and then on to Tunisia where we were towed, by LCI, to Palermo, Sicily. More training and then in on the tail end of Anzio. Moved up to Salerno then up to Naples for more training and eventually, loaded for Southern France. Had 3 Sherman, 2 - 10 wheelers, 2 jeeps and about 150 troops. Landed in Sardinia to allow troops to eat and bath in water. Reloaded and on to France. Went in to St. Tropez on the 2nd wave and then did much ship to shore. Mostly troops and equipment. Dates elude me but we returned to Africa where we were loaded upon another LST and returned to the states. After a time we were assigned LCT 647 for Pacific operations. This was loaded on a LST in "THREE" sections!!! Two days out of Pearl the conflict ended. Upon our arrival in Pearl Harbor, we, the crew assembled the LCT in the water. If we knew one of the connecting tanks would be our water supply, we might have taken more pains to make it water tight. Consequently, we drank salty water for about a year. Spent most of the time in Pearl at East Loch doing ship to shore. Were loaded on a LST (in one piece) and returned to the states for discharge. I started as SEA2 to SEA1, to COX and ended my tour as BM2. I have some pictures of LCT's and you are most welcome to copy, scan them. I am 74+ years of age and in pretty good health. I try to stay active and do try to keep the 'gray matter' working. I do not know what Flotilla etc. I was assigned to. Some of the men I remember serving with were: *Herbert Reynolds, EM *Ens. Gszell, Skipper, LCT 1019 (East Orange, NJ) *Robert Mount, QM (Wounded by shrapnel in S. France) *Mike Dadonna, Cook (Phila. PA) *Ens. Farmer, Skipper, LCT 647 *J Y Hoffman, (Macon, GA)SEA1 *Doug Huskins, GM *Don Calloway, SEA1 *John Pomerski, MMM *Henry Hillier, (New York) COX *John Ireland, Signalman Would welcome any and all contacts to my E-Mail address (ALLNAVY@JUNO.COM).
From: Phila. PA (Reedley, CA)
Joe Burgess Thursday, 3/2/00, 2:47 PM
My dad went to Sampson,his name was Harry J. Burgess.I think he was there in 1943. While he was there hee was assigned to the 44 ton navy switch engine that interchanged with the Lehigh Valley RR. I recently saw a bumper sticker and started to look for you on line. I located you while I was poking around in the Tin Can Sailors site. Thank you I intend to come out and see it some day. PS: My dad was living in Albany NY.
From: Walpole, MA
E-mail: debjoeb@aol.com
Thomas Barlam Sunday, 2/20/00, 7:36 PM
was at Sampson TC from 4-19-43 for boot camp. went to Little Creek Va. for amphibious training in small boats. Was assigned to LCC 25477 which was outfitted in Portland, OR. Spent 19 months in New Guinea and Leyte. Was discharged in 3-46 as a BM 2/c Looking for any other LCC veterans.
From: N. Babylon, NY
E-mail: tombarl@ix.netcom.com
John Keating Thursday, 2/10/00, 9:08 AM
I think Jake has done a great job on this web site. I was at Sampson in 1944 Co. 484. I went from there to the Seabees in Ca. and then out to the Pacific. Has anyone heard if that book on the history of Sampson is going to be published. I ordered a copy but have not received it.
From: Poughkeepsie,NY
E-mail: jmkeati@ibm.net
Howard Leitner Saturday, 2/5/00, 7:46 PM
Grew up in Geneva and remember when Sampson was built. My work bench is built from parts of the buildings that were salvaged in 1960. 4 years in the Navy left as a QM2 in 1959.
From: Turin, NY
E-mail: hleitner@northnet.org
Stephen J. Saucier Thursday, 2/3/00, 10:00 PM
I am a Chief Petty Officer with sixteen years in the Navy. Have a few more years to go. My Dad went through Sampson Boot Camp in 1944. To all of you Veterans: Thank You for keeping our country free!! Steve Saucier
From: Upton, Massachusetts
Web Site: N/A
E-mail: hisako@nia.attmil.ne.jp
Joseph T. Leichter Thursday, 2/3/00, 9:36 PM
Dear Fellow Shipmates. I am a member of SAMPSON WW2 ORGANIZATION. I went to Sampson going on 56 years ago I was sworn in on at the USN recruiting station on Lexington Ave., NYC on March 10th, 1944 and left on what was called a CATTLE CAR from Penn Station via the old Pennsylvania RR. I arrived at Sampson some 48 hours later covered with coal dust from the Steam Engine which hauled the troop train. I remember the meal of a HORSE-COCK sandwhich which was given enroute to this Navy Base called SAMPSON. Arriving at dawn on a bitter cold day, we were ordered to strip, take a shower and pack our civilian clothes.Co.357
From: Lake Success, LI, New York
Web Site: http://www.panix.com/~timothy/tese.html
E-mail: timothy@panix.com
Jim Kelly Wednesday, 2/2/00, 11:07 PM
I just signed in bvefore but my Web site didnt come through so just in case it is http://www.geocities.com/jkellyb/index.html
From: Middlesex N Y 14507
Daniel Frend Monday, 1/31/00, 12:58 PM
I was at Sampson Dec.1943,Co.# 102
From: Massachusetts
E-mail: Dfrend@worldnet.att.net
Tom Darcy Friday, 1/28/00, 12:31 PM
MY son told me of this website. I was at sampson in march of 1945, in gilmore unit. I think the company number was 512 but i'm not positive.I do remember being run around the grinder by some Marines. After boot camp a whole lot of us went to Newport RI for precommissioning detail we trained to be ship's company on various cruisers. I was a plank-owner on the USS Macon which was commissioned in Philadelphia the same year. The shortest liberty I ever had was in Geneva, probably a nice town but all i remember is many more boots than people of the female variety.
From: oakdale, ny
E-mail: darcy329@aol
Thomas Darcy, Jr Tuesday, 1/25/00, 11:50 AM
My dad went to boot camp at Sampson. His e-mail is darcy329@aol.com Tom dary CDR USNR US Strategic Command Omaha, NE
From: Omaha, NE
E-mail: tdarcy@aol.com
Evelien and Elske Saturday, 1/22/00, 1:35 AM
Hello, We are Elske (15 years old) and Evelien (16 years old) and we are two girls from the Netherlands. We are doing a research for a schoolassignment about the Liberation in 1945. We have to research the World War II and liberation experiences of civilians and soldiers during the period 1944-1945. We have to interview veterans and survivors. The aim of the project is to assemble an oral history of American and other Allied participation in the liberation of the Netherlands during World War II, as well as the courage and endurance of the Dutch people. If you are a World War II veteran or survivor or if you know a World War II veteran or survivor or if you have got any information that might be useful for the assignment, please let us know by sending us a letter or an e-mail. Thank you so much. Postal address: Evelien aan de Wiel Wittenstein 183 3328 MV Dordrecht the Netherlands e-mail: su024582@worldonline.nl e-mail2: LiberationHolland@hotmail.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In Dutch/In het Nederlands: Hallo, Wij zijn Elske (15) en Evelien (16) en wij zijn twee vwo4-leerlingen van het Insula College in Dordrecht. Voor school doen wij een onderzoek naar de bevrijding in 1945. We moeten de ervaringen van de burgers en soldaten in de periode van 1944-45 onderzoeken. Het lijkt ons leuk, om dit vooral te onderzoeken door verschillende mensen te interviewen die de bevrijding hebben meegemaakt. We zijn erg geżnteresseerd in hoe de mensen in die tijd de bevrijding hebben ervaren, en daarom besloten wij om u deze e-mail te sturen. We hopen dat u ons meer wilt vertellen over uw ervaringen tijdens de bevrijding en met de geallieerden. En als u iemand kent die ons meer zou kunnen vertellen, zou u dan zo vriendelijk willen zijn om deze e-mail door te sturen? Alvast heel erg bedankt. Contactadres: Evelien aan de Wiel Wittenstein 183 3328 MV Dordrecht e-mail: su024582@worldonline.nl
From: Netherlands
E-mail: LiberationHolland@hotmail.com
Al Sosienski Thursday, 1/20/00, 11:36 AM
This is a new e-mail address
From: Wilmington ,DE 19807aol
Web Site: Aasosienski
E-mail: aasosienski@aol.com
Larry L. Hawkins Thursday, 1/13/00, 2:25 PM
E-mail: llhawkins1@juno.com
Charles Miller Wednesday, 1/5/00, 6:14 AM
Great job done by all the people responsible for the success of the Sampson Vets organization. Happy New Years.
From: Warners, NY
Web Site: cm6443
E-mail: cm6443@aol.com
Steve Bull Monday, 1/3/00, 2:51 PM
Wish all a happy year 2000 and invite all to visit our Memorial Museum this summer.
From: Sampson Navy Museumlst
E-mail: lst848
Berney Albert Sunday, 1/2/00, 3:17 PM
Trained at Sampson Naval Training Center January 1944 through March 1944. Plankowner on U.S.S. Currituck (April 1944-November 1945). Looking for other shipmat
From: Flemington, NJ (ex-Baltimorean)
E-mail: APbooknut@aol.com
Sidney Decker Saturday, 1/1/00, 10:57 PM
Boot Camp Jan 1943 Co G
From: Oceanside, Ca. 92056
Web Site: sidhome
E-mail: sidhome@msn.com
Ed Wixson Thursday, 12/30/99, 7:31 PM
Sampson in March 1944 was certainly a forbidding and cold place. By May we were seamen and our hair was growing back
From: Ocala, FL
E-mail: edwixs@aol.com
charles l moscatello Thursday, 12/30/99, 11:24 AM
i was in sampson in 1943 feb. 3 f unit co 466 &co 471 the web sight site is very nice keep up the good work
From: onancock va
Louis Vanderstreet Wednesday, 12/29/99, 7:31 PM
I did my "Boot" training at Sampson Naval Training station during April to June 1944. Graduated Submarine School in October 1944 at New London, CT. then to San Diego, CA for advanced Submarine School and then became ships company aboard USS Bluefish [SS222] going to the Pacific until the war ended. Made three war patrols.... I was a swimming instructor while at Sampson...you are doing a great job...I wish I lived closer... good luck...Lou
From: Humarock, MA
Web Site: N/A
E-mail: n1wnt@mediaone.net
Linwood E. Lowell Tuesday, 12/28/99, 1:43 PM
From: Mendon Ma.
E-mail: dlow3569@aol.com
PAUL P. MCKEE Sunday, 12/26/99, 9:07 AM
From: MEDINA, NY 14103
Wolfie Pores Thursday, 12/23/99, 11:43 AM
I was in C Unit company 148, June and July 1945. Do you have any other boots who were in my company registered? If so let me know and I shall contact them. Keep up the good work.
From: San Diego, C.
E-mail: wepores@gateway.net
Al Sosienski Saturday, 12/18/99, 5:55 PM
From: Wilmington,De.
Web Site: easy internet
E-mail: aa.sosienski@gte.net
tony monsolino Saturday, 12/18/99, 5:25 PM
From: oceanside ny
Tom Muir Saturday, 12/18/99, 7:31 AM
I enjoy the Website. I will check in more often. I was at Sampson in July 1944.co. 223 D unit.I also went to E.M.School there and served on the USS Duplin AKA 87.
From: New Jersey
Web Site: AOL
E-mail: vfwpc
JACK BENZ Saturday, 12/18/99, 2:06 AM
Chester A Brown Thursday, 12/16/99, 5:53 PM
Had a tough time finding this Website, but it's been well worth the time spent!
From: Adams NY
E-mail: csbrown@gisco.net
Richard Burns Thursday, 12/16/99, 1:27 PM
From: Weedsport ,NY
E-mail: samspade@boatusmail.net
Steve Bull Thursday, 12/16/99, 6:13 AM
First time log on. Been to busy to get involved with web site. Jake has been doing a great job. Went down to Sampson Museum Tuesday for a meeting with State people and also getting bids for the cement work for the wall of honor. Checked out Museum and I must say it looks great. Looking into geting help on plans for a new design gate for Museum. State is going to take fance down in future so we want the new gate to Museum in place and ready to up .
From: Canandaigua/seneca Falls,NYS
Web Site: lst848
E-mail: lst848
Bob Donnelly Wednesday, 12/15/99, 7:26 PM
great job by all museum is big accomplishment.at sampson oct 44 to dec 44 company C135 on to gulfport ms diesel school. to pacific area.
From: Dryden,New York 13053
E-mail: rdonnel1@twcny.rr.com
Jack Sterling Wednesday, 12/15/99, 1:25 PM
Just found the site and am looking for anyone serving there May/June 1943. Don't remember the company but I believe it was in F Unit. Must come by some time and visit the old place. Incidently, I was in the brig one time... accidently. A buddy and I went for a walk one Sunday afternoon and were sitting alongside the highway watching traffic when a NY State Trooper came by and thought we were trying to "escape". <g>
From: Naples, FL
Web Site: The USS Adirondack
E-mail: design1@naples.net
Dick Lacy Monday, 12/13/99, 6:22 PM
I am a member of the Sampson assocation but this is my first visit to the web site. Keep up the good work.
From: Decatur Ill.
E-mail: rlacy@springnet1,com