Edgar Wright Brannock, is located on the 3rd row from the front, 4th from the right.

Dad was born and raised in Cambridge, Maryland. He enlisted in the Navy November 1, 1943 and was transferred to Sampson USNTS, arriving on November 9, 1943.

He received his basic training there and was enrolled in the Electrician Mate school January 1, 1944. He qualified as an EM3C/F2C on May 1, 1944.

He was transferred to the U. S. S. Plunkett destroyer (DD-431) May 3, 1944 and left for Belfast, Ireland May 5, 1944, arriving May 14, 1944. The Plunkett took part in the D Day invasion of Normandy and the landings in southern France in the Mediterranean. The Plunkett arrived back in the United States January 16, 1945.

The Plunkett carried the famous director John Ford to the beach at Omaha. See pages 395-397 of "D-Day, June 6, 1944..." by Stephen Ambrose.

My father married my mother upon his return and spent the rest of the war at Camp Peary, Williamsburg, Virginia, until he was honorably discharged November 1, 1945.

Mike Brannock - June 1, 2015